' Stüfchen, Eminenz!': Anekdoten rund um den Kölner Dom
by Friedhelm Hofmann
ISBN: 3879092818
Copies Registered: 1
' Vorsicht, Haderer.'. Karikaturen des Österreichers Gerhard Haderer
by Gerhard Haderer
ISBN: 3775704892
Copies Registered: 1
by Santiago Alba Rico
ISBN: 8488471009
Copies Registered: 1
by Everyone AND Their Mother
ISBN: 0761125183
Copies Registered: 1
"Darf's ein bißchen mehr sein?" : Else Stratmann wiegt ab
by Elke Heidenreich
ISBN: 3499154625
Copies Registered: 1
"Dear Gangster..."
by The Gangster of Love
ISBN: 0140245154
Copies Registered: 1
"Fortean Times" Book of Inept Crime
by Steve Moore
ISBN: 1870870808
Copies Registered: 1
"Giles" Annual 2000 (Annuals)
by Unknown
ISBN: 190283612x
Copies Registered: 1
"Have I Got News for You"
by Ged Parsons
ISBN: 0091914248
Copies Registered: 2
"I'm Afraid of the Vampire State Building": Wit and Wisdom from the Two-To-Seven
by Patti Greenberg Wollman, Merril Feinstein-Feit
ISBN: 0307440184
Copies Registered: 1
"Late Night With David Letterman" Book of Top Ten Lists, The
by David Letterman
ISBN: 0671511432
Copies Registered: 1
"Mom Loves Me Best": And Other Lies You Told Your Sister
by Linda Sunshine
ISBN: 0452264294
Copies Registered: 2
"My Teenage Son's Goal In Life Is To Make Me Feel 3,500 Years Old" and Other Thoughts On Parenting
by Dave Barry
ISBN: 0740715267
Copies Registered: 1
"New Woman" Bloke Jokes (New Woman)
by Louise Johnson
ISBN: 184222090x
Copies Registered: 2
"New Woman": Biggest Book of Bloke Jokes Ever!
by Louise Johnson
ISBN: 1844426645
Copies Registered: 1
- PC - Blast from the Past (TBR)
by Ben Elton
ISBN: 0552146641
Copies Registered: 1
"Absolutely Fabulous": The Scripts: v. 2
by BBC
ISBN: 0563371129
Copies Registered: 1
by Richard Curtis
ISBN: 0140280359
Copies Registered: 3
"Bottom": The Scripts
by Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson
ISBN: 0140234977
Copies Registered: 1
"Daily Telegraph" Book of Obituaries: Heroes and Adventurers Vol 2
by Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd
ISBN: 0330352989
Copies Registered: 2

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