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weebly 2 yrs ago | 1 replies
Thanks for pointing this out to me but I am really not reading at the moment at all. *Shocked face*

weebly 9 yrs ago
I am the one who left the book in the telephone box. Seeing you left it in the staff room I guess you are a teacher - my daughter is just going into year 11 at Sponne! Glad you enjoyed it. No need to feel guilty abo…

weebly 11 yrs ago
Please put myself and ekranda down for lunch x

weebly 12 yrs ago
+ a releasemap to show me the OBCZ around me, with a possibility to define distance. (...) + maybe also a releasemap to show me the "releases around me" with a possibility to define distance (.…

weebly 12 yrs ago
Really could use an easy way to release books on the go! I use an Android phone, which, while having a great browser, can still be a bit of a pain to use when out and about. A dedicated app with this function…

weebly 13 yrs ago | 14 replies
I'm looking for a caching bookcrosser to do me a favour and accept delivery via post of a couple of caching trackables, and leave them in local caches so my friend and I can have a competition about whose makes it home t…

weebly 13 yrs ago
I had a lovely time in Swindon - and it was great to meet and chat to some different bookcrossers - and especially to really get to know heaven-ali as we had dinner Saturday night with just the two of us at Pizza Express…

weebly 14 yrs ago | 1 replies
So pleased you got Gill to come - she found out about bookcrossing through my parents and then in tuoch with me and my sister as she was interested in talking to bookcrossers and loves the concept.

weebly 14 yrs ago | 9 replies
...been photocopying tickets and filling out insurance claims myself tonight!

weebly 14 yrs ago And put the relevent ones in the Convention Pool

weebly 14 yrs ago
I can't say I made the most of attending the Convention - but talks are not my thing, meeting people and chatting is. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging about in the main area in the Griffin chatting to random people, and als…

weebly 14 yrs ago
I wonder if that means we will be financially out of pocket as we arranged our own passage instead of waiting for KLM to do it. Great to hear MissMarky & Poppy are being looked after though.

weebly 14 yrs ago
Good Luck Ardachy - I hope you get home soon - same to the others stuck. TO be honest I feel Katweeble , BC-Widow and I had it quite easy in the end with our tickets booked online etc. - I see we were very lucky and jus…

weebly 14 yrs ago
I only wild released a couple of books myself - but I am sure a few I left at the book buffet will have been scattered by other attendees.

weebly 14 yrs ago
This book is stuck in Malta!

weebly 14 yrs ago | 1 replies even if Schipol was open we still couldn't get home. To be honest I don't fancy being the first flight to give it a go - I'm much happier going home on a train!

weebly 14 yrs ago | 3 replies
We are tucked up in our Brussels hotel room making good use of the free Wifi. I had a wonderful time and it was so worth the effort - despite the slight stress until our return was booked and arranged. CandyisDandy…

weebly 14 yrs ago | 181 replies
We were due to fly out of Birmingham at 1pm today - but our flights are cancelled with no idea when we would book an alternative. So - determined not be be beaten - we have booked Eurostar to Brussels, then will be lo…

weebly 14 yrs ago | 2 replies's great to see a release and catch in Northamptonshire. I don't get out releasing 'in the wild' much these days - but this journal made me want to do more again! …

weebly 14 yrs ago
I have replied to your pm - sorry I forgot to check my thread to see if anyone had replied!!! Also why not join the Bookcrossing Uk yahoo group as there is another bookcrosser there who has a zone set up in their loca…

weebly 14 yrs ago | 8 replies
> > Perhaps we just > organised too > many other fun things; ) YES!!! :))) I could never go to a convention and miss the release walk!!

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