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valpete 3 mos ago | 2 replies
will be off to cross-patch in a few days.

valpete 4 mos ago
is now with me. Have read it and inquired if Echode would like it returned to her.

valpete 10 mos ago
is on its way to Echode. Oh dear, I hadn't noticed Echode wouldn't be home until 6/27. Hope the book fits into her locked mailbox.

valpete 10 mos ago | 1 replies
book is with me. Will be sending it on in a few weeks, as I've already read this one.

valpete 1 yr ago
Yes, I looked at my PM's and the last I heard from her was in mid-November, when she promised to send the books along. Nothing from her since then. I believe the last book I received from her was in July. I'm really c…

valpete 1 yr ago
...for including me! I love this Roundabout!

valpete 1 yr ago
I would love to join again! Uh oh, I'm #13 again. I can ship anywhere.

valpete 1 yr ago
Fifna's and Paulanni. I've finished Fifna's and half way through Paulanni's. Will post them together.

valpete 2 yrs ago
is with me. I have one more from last year which I will read after Mcsar's book, so I can keep this year's book moving. I'm the last reader for dark-draco's 2020 book.

valpete 2 yrs ago
I needed to go to the post office today so took my book along and sent it along to the first reader. Let the fun begin!

valpete 2 yrs ago
However, I see I am the only one from the US, so will understand if that is not possible. I am willing to ship anywhere except Australia and New Zealand. I just tried to send BillBooks a Ray and they wanted $69!

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