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wingover-the-moonwing 1 day ago | 1 replies
Even if I haven't watched any football since 2012.

wingover-the-moonwing 1 day ago | 2 replies
[[Françoise Hardy est décédée hier à 80 ans.]] Toute mon adolescence. Je l'aimais bien, Dutronc aussi...

wingover-the-moonwing 3 days ago | 2 replies
[[Est-ce une nouvelle règle ?]] Je vois des livres enregistrés par d'autres sur ton profil - 96 pages...

wingover-the-moonwing 5 days ago | 3 replies
[[C'est quoi l'histoire du car postal ? Il n’y a pas d'accès en voiture ?]] C'est pour ceux qui viennent en train depuis Lausanne ou Genève.

wingover-the-moonwing 1 wk ago | 1 replies
[[Plusieurs couvertures de livres ont changé toutes seules... pas drôle ça.]] Matt est en train de travailler sur les couvertures. C'est un problème temporaire, il faut être patient.

wingover-the-moonwing 1 wk ago
[[]] J'ai encore le t-shirt ben que j'ai acheté en 1993! Au bureau on m'appelait Ben, mes initiales.

wingover-the-moonwing 1 wk ago | 3 replies
[[Unfortunately I now have a lot of books without a cover image. Are those the ones I uploaded covers for? I have always made sure the books had cover images, and the correct edition.]] Me too, I now have a lot of blank…

wingover-the-moonwing 2 wks ago
just a bit late... hope you had fun and lots of books.

wingover-the-moonwing 2 wks ago | 1 replies
[[I'll bring a second prize, a bookish one, including a pair of bookish socks and some handmade fabric book covers - and I have to see what else I can find.]] My book cover has been in constant use since I came back fro…

wingover-the-moonwing 2 wks ago
To organize one in a hotel here in Lausanne would be out of the question, far too expensive to reserve the space from Friday to Sunday - and what about catering facilities? You'd have to depend on the hotel to supply the…

wingover-the-moonwing 3 wks ago | 2 replies
Lausanne to Montreux is one of the most scenic train rides ever, 20 minutes along the lake shore.

wingover-the-moonwing 3 wks ago | 5 replies
there will NOT be an offer to host the 2025 Convention in Lausanne. One reason being that around the time our possible venue would be available, the weekend afte Ascension in May, the Eurovision song contest will be hel…

wingover-the-moonwing 3 wks ago
I just noticed that the easyjet flights from GVA to Newcastle start only at the beginning of December. Shame. Looks like it will be via London or Edinburgh, then.

wingover-the-moonwing 1 mo ago
Just a minor thing, but I've received a few alerts attributed to the person who registered the book but not the one who actually released it. This one, for instance: The al…

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