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wingkeeta1wing 6 hrs ago
I have just read your message - how exciting to be a winner! Thank you Ydam21 for the gift voucher, which I will certainly enjoy using :) So sorry that your mail was returned though - very strange.

wingkeeta1wing 10 hrs ago
A fun and enjoyable debut.

wingkeeta1wing 6 days ago A novella prequel to the Cormac Reilly series. Good.

wingkeeta1wing 1 wk ago

wingkeeta1wing 1 wk ago LONDON is the Best City in America

wingkeeta1wing 1 wk ago
if TORRENT is acceptable.

wingkeeta1wing 1 wk ago
if I can use GOOD PEOPLE to = volunteers and FLOW for the water component ;) A good read with a surprise ending.

wingkeeta1wing 2 wks ago
Condolences to the family.

wingkeeta1wing 2 wks ago | 1 replies
We are of an age and hope we can celebrate many more years of Bookcrossing together :) No entry thanks.

wingkeeta1wing 2 wks ago
[[As I was in my way out last evening (to see Chicago, the musical), I found a parcel on my doorstep! Another book for me - A Madness of Sunshine by Nalini Singh, a book set in New Zealand by a NZ author, I must assume…

wingkeeta1wing 2 wks ago
ZERO Day by David Baldacci Good, if rather farfetched.

wingkeeta1wing 2 wks ago
Little Face by Sophie Hannah An interesting plot, but awful characters, not a likeable one amongst them. Next up is Eden Close by Anita Shreve, which has also been on the…

wingkeeta1wing 2 wks ago
There's a hamlet called Hannah in Lincolnshire.

wingkeeta1wing 3 wks ago Another in this very enjoyable series. Crombie is a village in Fife, North East Scotland.

wingkeeta1wing 3 wks ago | 1 replies
and also prefer the standalones.

wingkeeta1wing 4 wks ago
A longish, but enjoyable read.

wingkeeta1wing 1 mo ago
There is a Half Moon Lake near Wakefield in West Yorkshire, or one in Belfast. An interesting read, but with too abrupt an ending.

wingkeeta1wing 1 mo ago A fairly average read.

wingkeeta1wing 1 mo ago
mine is still bouncing around between Aus & NZ :( Last I heard (on the 28th Feb), it had been processed in NZ, but as to where they're planning on sending it......still anyone's guess!

wingkeeta1wing 1 mo ago
1. Elena Knows (from Sparkish - jeniwren) 2. Troubled Blood (from Edwardstreet to wild) 3.…

wingkeeta1wing 1 mo ago
1. Shooting BUTTerflies 2. The Y[EAR] of Fog 3. Troubled BLOOD 4. http://www.bookc…

wingkeeta1wing 1 mo ago
The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot by Marianne Cronin A great debut novel, both funny and sad.

wingkeeta1wing 1 mo ago A sweet read and a pleasant change from my normal thriller fare.

wingkeeta1wing 1 mo ago
[[the books(HOP) on the corner]] Ha - I'm reading this as well :)

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