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droogie 18 yrs ago | 6 replies
Hi I just read this in an afternoon so I thought it would be a good ray - light to post and fast to read. It's an interesting story and different to the film (for a start she's blonde!) Please let me know where …

droogie 18 yrs ago
I like number 1 best. The frame looks good, but agree that it needs the url on it

droogie 19 yrs ago
Would anybody like to join this ring? droogie

droogie 19 yrs ago
Are OK to go cross-atlantic? I have a copy of Sexing the Cherry, which is very good but different to Oranges - would do a trade for Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier if you are willing? Would love to re read that book. PM…

droogie 19 yrs ago
Just released 2 books by James Joyce in the Medical School in Nottingham, UK. Couldn't think of anywhere suitably Irish round here and no Guiness, unfortunately.

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