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chubsiewhubsie 4 yrs ago
God Bless this sweet lady. RIP We met in person once. I've met very few bookcrossers ever, but was very happy and willing to meet MyssCynn. She were beyond generous and kind and just.... awesome. Here's a fitting qu…

chubsiewhubsie 6 yrs ago | 2 replies
Wow, this was fun back in the day!! 1. Childrens books (kindergarten) 2. Stickers 3. Chocolate 4. Candy 5. Tea 6. Crafts you made 7. Ohio stuff 8. Barbie clothes 9. Ornaments 10. Ear buds (teen) Hap…

chubsiewhubsie 6 yrs ago
I jumped over from FB, had to check this out. Speaking of kittens, I'll trade you books for kittens....

chubsiewhubsie 7 yrs ago | 11 replies
The regular Book Crossing group in Face Book land needs members. Come join?

chubsiewhubsie 7 yrs ago
bobs is awesome, especially the hot cereal

chubsiewhubsie 7 yrs ago
feta, watermelon...nice.

chubsiewhubsie 7 yrs ago
yes my daughter eats these

chubsiewhubsie 7 yrs ago | 8 replies
Tried yellow tomatoes?

chubsiewhubsie 7 yrs ago
I am well, we all...are awsome.

chubsiewhubsie 8 yrs ago | 24 replies
Anything you make, that is good enough to share on here? Looking for new recipes to try. I just made a Strawberry loaf bread. Well 3 actually...I used a recipe that was from the internet which normally comes out horrid. …

chubsiewhubsie 8 yrs ago | 22 replies
I moved to a new apartment but first I gave away all my books that I wanted to read. I am book free for the 1st time in my life. It took me from Nov 1 to today for it to unnerve me. Have you ever been bookless?

chubsiewhubsie 9 yrs ago | 2 replies
I will be releasing books in honor of Mike Wiggett who passed away last night. To celebrate his undying love and thirst for education, reading and books. It is said that he thrived on debate, adventure, music, food, fami…

chubsiewhubsie 9 yrs ago
Mike over Facebook taught me how to live and die with grace, respect and humor. He was incredibly well read and smart. His love for American Football....not so much. LOL. XxxMike♡♡

chubsiewhubsie 9 yrs ago | 1 replies
This book is from clever factory by dollar general stores. Called, Let's build. The ISBN isn't like normal ones. I am doing a skip search as BC allows but the option to type in the details won't show. What am I doing wr…

chubsiewhubsie 9 yrs ago | 9 replies

chubsiewhubsie 9 yrs ago
So many many memories. Do you all tweet or Facebook? Dana Jacak, Brunswick. Thank you for the wings. Truly.

chubsiewhubsie 9 yrs ago | 19 replies
Hello new and old friends. I burned out by registering 18,000 in a couple yrs. I thought I'd SLOWLY get back into the saddle again. To enjoy it and not make it a full time obsession.

chubsiewhubsie 12 yrs ago | 36 replies
I swear to gosh...I had no idea that Marion Zimmer Bradley was a lady. I thought he wrote Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I never read his/her books but I was registering "heartlight" and the cover looked like a Harlequin type so I was …

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