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wingbookczukwing 3 days ago | 1 replies
Added the address, too.

wingbookczukwing 3 wks ago | 5 replies
https://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/16838293/ Finder made me chuckle with their comment about the town I released this book at, and then made me hungry with their reading plans. Nice journal note to break a dry spe…

wingbookczukwing 3 wks ago
I’m liking the series, too.

wingbookczukwing 10 mos ago
Congrats! Interesting journey. I just finished Romantic Comedy by this author and it's one of my favorite books this year. The writing was really crisp and clever. I highly recommend!

wingbookczukwing 10 mos ago
Thanks! My catch rate has slowed in Philly, but I’ve been pleased with the quality of these last 2.

wingbookczukwing 10 mos ago | 6 replies
Insightful words inspired by a book sent by JennyC1230 to stock an OBCZ I used to manage in Charleston. https://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/10492168

wingbookczukwing 10 mos ago
Thanks Gory! We're loving being in Philly, and back in the land of season again. We have family business that takes us up nearish to you (New England, though not NH specifically) so I'll wave when we hit the proper paral…

wingbookczukwing 11 mos ago | 8 replies
Released in Charleston in 2014, travelled with the person who found it, now released in Charleston while reader goes on to Italy. If I still lived in Charleston, I’d try to find it to make a true full circle. https://…

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago
It’s very weird for me to see my books being released by someone from Philly instead of Charleston. 😂

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago | 5 replies
Pre-pandemic, pre-move to Philadelphia from Charleston SC, I released this book at a little free library near our home. I like to think it might have travelled, then sheltered in place in Eleuthera, for the pandemic. Hop…

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago
[[Whew! I was concerned because of the effect your absence had on Crichton.]] Bwahahahaha! If only that were true for the other authors I don’t read because I don’t like their writing!

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago | 2 replies
Haha. I was on hiatus, but I’m back!

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago | 4 replies
In the case I mentioned, it actually went to court. Look up Michael Crowley vs Michael Crichton, which also gets a mention in the Wikipedia article on The “small penis rule” dealing with authors and avoiding cases of li…

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago | 9 replies
There was one best-selling author, now, dead, who was very mean spirited when someone wrote a review of one of his books, and panned the book. In the author’s next book, he gave the reviewer’s name to a pedophile/ murder…

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago
Yay! The last episode threw me a bit, but I'm looking forward to season 2. And a dear friend of mine who is an ex-pat and lives in Prague has a friend who is in the series, so he and I have been corresponding, which is f…

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago
Philly has more LFLs than any place I've ever seen, some within steps of each other. I'm constantly discovering new ones. This app will be great on our walks when I want to release books. Thank you!

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago
[[My husband and I have been waiting for this to come out. We actually spent the last couple of months of 2019 and all of 2020 listening to the audiobooks of the series together. Which was a reread for both of us for mo…

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago
[[I have not seen it but I'm happy that you and Javaczuk have been involved with the project. ]] Aww thanks. We're not involved with the TV show, but he was deeply involved in the book production and later I joined on …

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago
Still getting catches and still even finding an occasional book in the wild, in both states that I’ve lived in during the pandemic, so yes.

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago | 6 replies
Javaczuk and I been a part of the Wheel of Time (and JordanCon, the convention fan group in honor of Robert Jordan) for a long time, so are eager to see how the series brings the books to life. Watched the first 3 episod…

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago | 2 replies
Thanks! Those Laura Child’s cozys are fun. A lot of literature set in both of my recent homes. :)

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago
[[[[(spent most of 2028 in a wheelchair/walker) ]] I knew it. You're a secret time traveler! ]] Bwahahahaha! (It’s obvious I’m no typist!!)

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago
Thanks! The series has been fun, and the people we've met through it have been pretty fantastic. Hope he likes the series! We're at the very other end, just at the line between Philly and Montgomery County, but very cl…

wingbookczukwing 2 yrs ago
Thanks, Gory! We’re loving it here. (Philly has a great library system and the city is bejeweled with art and little free libraries.) Planning on travelling a bit more in the area (visited NY, RI, and CT for family stu…

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