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Mastulela 16 yrs ago
I agree with you. I read this about 25 years ago, and still rate it as the worst.

Mastulela 17 yrs ago
I am reading it at the moment. I am enjoying it so far. Reminds me a bit of The Office.

Mastulela 17 yrs ago
North London street novel - very violent but lots of belly laughs. (Brown bread is rhyming slang for dead)

Mastulela 17 yrs ago

Mastulela 17 yrs ago | 2 replies
Very unusual historical novel set in the early seventeenth century. This is the only copy registered with BC. It is a psychological thriller which incorporates all the superstitions (e.g. werewolves), religious practices…

Mastulela 18 yrs ago Interesting that vetnurse sites B'ham in Warwickshire

Mastulela 18 yrs ago Reads as if it will travel

Mastulela 18 yrs ago

Mastulela 18 yrs ago | 2 replies

Mastulela 18 yrs ago | 1 replies I just saw these passing through on the sidebar.

Mastulela 18 yrs ago
Probably of interest to UK readers only. Radio 4 interviews selected by Anthony Clare for their interest. Each interview is preceded by a short essay by Clare on aspects of the …

Mastulela 18 yrs ago It sounds as if her teacher is a BookCrosser - any takers?

Mastulela 18 yrs ago | 1 replies
Quite appropriate as England are playing Paraguay in one hours time - which does not give me enough time for a themed release !!

Mastulela 18 yrs ago | 2 replies
This Roman mystery novel has received good write-ups, but is coming to the end of its travels. Are there anymore potential readers before its journey end?

Mastulela 18 yrs ago
Enigma :The Battle for the Code - Simon Sebag-Montefiore (history) Enigma - Robert Harris (novel) Under an English Heaven by Robert Radcliffe (about an USA bomber unit) (novel) Hitler by Ian Kershaw (history) two big …

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