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wingBookworm-ladywing 48 mins ago
[[These days 11 letters is a high volume of letters to receive. Id be lucky to get that many in 6 months.]] Ah, I see... Thanks for clarifying! Indeed it is a high volume...

wingBookworm-ladywing 6 hrs ago
[[Slovenia book ordered. I realise I might have to get hold of another one - or two.]] Same here... :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 8 hrs ago | 2 replies
[[This is my 3rd time, I think. 1st time the book never turned up. 2nd, Same pattern as this time. But the book was collected with 11 letter!!]] Yes, I'm afraid you are right. Eight months ago you posted an ISO, an…

wingBookworm-ladywing 10 hrs ago | 1 replies
I have ordered some adequate books (just in case), and I have already contacted keeta1 for her address and got it this morning. I don't follow football... but this is fun! :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 2 days ago
I finally found a book that fits the theme... :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 2 days ago | 7 replies
You were the winner of my True Crime Sweepstakes, but we (including the decoy) haven't heard from you. This is not the first time this happens with you... I hope everything's fine, but please give us a sign. It is not f…

wingBookworm-ladywing 2 days ago | 1 replies
I will post an ISO. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Alia_Rus goes missing... typically after winning some sweepstakes. I am starting to see a pattern here... but I am keen on second chances... I am reall…

wingBookworm-ladywing 2 days ago
"Adele [M---] gave her room one last look." turned out to be: "The Evidence Exposed", by Elizabeth George Although I did not remember this, thanks for a book I will certa…

wingBookworm-ladywing 3 days ago
Thanks for your poppy birthday card, nice words, and BC labels with one of my designs, if I'm not wrong... Never too late to celebrate; you have been most thoughtful... Thank you sooo much! :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 3 days ago | 3 replies
Thanks so much, Paulanni, for sending, "The Waiter", by Ajay Chowdhury I am sure I will enjoy reading it... And thanks for the second book in the parcel, although I don'…

wingBookworm-ladywing 4 days ago
[[This time from Bookworm-lady. Thank you for The French Revolution, something I know nothing about, my husband was intrigued too, he said that's a fascination time in history.]] Brilliant! Enjoy... :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 5 days ago | 1 replies
[[This time, I think I physically brought and posted a book, instead of Better World Books. I think around $NZ30 to post. ]] PM sent. Fingers crossed. :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 5 days ago
[[Update: bookworm lady has been tagged with a brand new wish-Think twice by Harlan Coben. It will be coming from Kenny’s, in Ireland.]] Thanks again for your thoughtfulness! :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 6 days ago | 1 replies
Send only, please. I have a few books in this category. Thanks for hosting! :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 6 days ago
[[Within as yet undecided upon wishlist book. I have to see what I can order from somewhere she doesn’t have to pay duty on.]] Thanks for your generosity! I have answered by PM. :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 6 days ago | 4 replies
Bumping up for myself. I have a 50-page WishList, please have a look. :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago
There are many books that fit this theme... Come on!

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago
I would like Spain, of course; but I will accept if it has to be random. :) Great idea, thanks for setting this up.

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago | 1 replies
[[For: Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo by Rick Riordan Fairies and Flowers: An Adult Coloring Book by KikkNakk Designs…

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago
[[They should be showing correctly now!]] They are! Thanks for fixing this. :)

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