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Alia_Rus 1 mo ago
Fishing village in Hong Kong. "Amaya" by Māris Martinsons in Latvian language. There is also a movie.

Alia_Rus 1 mo ago
1. Yes 2. On Facebook, maybe Instagram 3. BookCrossing forums 4. Rīga, Latvia

Alia_Rus 2 mos ago
This book is amazing story of life and love. I'm grateful for the opportunity to read it.

Alia_Rus 3 mos ago
Thank you, Olivia_Lo. I received books on 14th of March. P. S.: The postmarks are amazing. I sent them today to Ukraine - the father of my colleague collect postmarks since USSR times, so it will be the nice contri…

Alia_Rus 3 mos ago
I ask one of mine friends to post the book while I was on vacation, but he forgot 😔 I will post the book today (06.04)

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