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Want to join us at our next Northern Colorado get-together? Click here for the Colorado BookCrossers Facebook group.

Click here for my Ignite presentation!

Click here to see my Flickr set of pics from the BC in KC UnConvention 2009.

Click here to see my Flickr set of pics from the BC in DC 10th Anniversary Convention 2011.

Click here to see my Flickr set of pics from the BC in Göteborg 12th Anniversary Convention 2013.

As you can see, I am way behind on posting photos, so it will be some time before I have everything posted for the BC in Athens 15th Anniversary Convention 2016.

I have moved four times since 2009, and I no longer use a PO Box. If you are sending me something, please PM me first to make sure you have the correct mailing address for me.

Please don't be offended if I don't friend you back here, as I use the friends list on this site solely for keeping track of BookCrossers I have actually met in person. If we have met but I still haven't friended you, it may be because I can't remember your BookCrossing name. In that case, please feel free to send me a PM letting me know who you are and where we met.

You can pretty well just ignore the little @ symbols, which will be disappearing gradually. Those are a holdover from the days when we didn't have status markings. A few notes on my status markings. Books marked Available may in fact be quite UNavailable, mostly due to confusion during moves. Sorry. If a book is TBR, it may well be a LOOOOONG time before I will get to it. So you can ask me to add it to the Reserved list for a swap, but don't expect it anytime soon. And unless I promise otherwise, I reserve the right to make any TBR book a PC book after I've read it. Books in my "permanent collection" range from those that you will have to pry from my cold, dead hands to books I might consider lending or sending out on a bookring. I also have a lot of reference books in that category, and I would be happy to act as a reference librarian of sorts, but please keep in mind that a big chunk of my personal library is currently boxed up and sitting in the garage. :-/

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