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Currently reading - On Earth, we're briefly gorgeous

Looking forward to the UK Uncon!
For NSS, I have a wishlist here and also here:
I am a big fan of dark chocolate, as a teacher I can't resist some quirky stationary (panda, llama, yak related always a winner!).
I heard about bookcrossing a while ago from a work colleague, but was recently sent a link and jumped on board! I travel as much as I can and usually trade books with friends, fellow travellers or with books on free bookshelves. This really seems like an extension of that. I love the randomness of Bookcrossing and love getting an alert saying that a book I have released has been picked up. I am always trying to discover new authors, so bookcrossing is a great way to read books you haven't heard of or considered before.

A note on my star system, I rate books in the categories they are in. A classic could get an 8 out of ten as well as a trashy read, this is because it is rated from my expectations of the book. Hope that makes sense :)

My bookshelf contains a mixture of books: ones I have read as well as ones that have been given to me by family, friends and colleagues. With regards to NSS, please only take my wishlist into account. Check out my library page for a more comprehensive list of my books." target="_blank">Click Here


Read a book from each of the following countries. 24 Aug 2008 to the Opening Ceremony in London. OK, well this will have to make this a lifetime challenge!

ALG Algeria" target="_blank">The Sheltering Sky
ANG Angola" target="_blank">The Return of the Water Sprite
BEN Benin
BOT Botswana" target="_blank">The Wind and a Boy (From Being Here collection of short stories)
BUR Burkina Faso
BDI Burundi" target="_blank">The Zanzibar Chest
CMR Cameroon" target="_blank">The Shadow of the Sun
CPV Cape Verde
CAF Central African Republic http target="_blank">The Guardian of the Pool (From Madiba Magic collection of short stories) TBR
CHA Chad
COM Comoros
CGO Congo" target="_blank">The Poisonwood Bible
CIV Côte d'Ivoire - extract from Allah is not obliged taken from" target="_blank">Making the World Legible
COD Democratic Republic of the Congo" target="_blank">Blood River
DJI Djibouti
EGY" target="_blank">The Cairo Diary
GEQ Equatorial Guinea
ERI Eritrea extract from Heart of Fire taken from" target="_blank">Making the World Legible
ETH Ethiopia" target="_blank">Children of the Revolution
GAB Gabon http target="_blank">The Snake Chief (From Madiba Magic collection of short stories) TBR
GAM Gambia
GHA Ghana" target="_blank">Bitter Chocolate
GUI Guinea
GBS Guinea-Bissau
KEN Kenya" target="_blank">Petals of Blood
LES Lesotho http target="_blank">Mmadipetsane (From Madiba Magic collection of short stories) TBR
LBR Liberia" target="_blank">Blutsbrüder: Unsere Freundschaft in Liberia
LBA Libyan Arab" target="_blank">Tale of a Certain Orient
MAD Madagascar
MAW Malawi" target="_blank">Dark Star Safari
MLI Mali" target="_blank">The Shadow of the Sun
MTN Mauritania" target="_blank">Global Restructuring and Peripheral States: The Carrot & the Stick in Mauritania
MRI Mauritius
MAR Morocco" target="_blank">Hideous Kinky
MOZ Mozambique A Despedideira - Mia Couto (from Versoes (d)Escritos em Portugues)
NAM Namibia http target="_blank">The Message (From Madiba Magic collection of short stories) TBR
NIG Niger" target="_blank">Sahara
NGR Nigeria" target="_blank">The Other Hand
RWA Rwanda" target="_blank">An Ordinary Man
STP Sao Tome and Principe" target="_blank">Ossobo: Essays on the Literature of Sao Tome and Principe
SEN Senegal "Dakar: Where the music never stops" from" target="_blank">Right of Passage
SEY Seychelles
SLE Sierra Leone - We love China by Lindsey Hilsum taken from" target="_blank">The View from Africa
SOM Somalia" target="_blank">The Shadow of the Sun
RSA South Africa" target="_blank">Gem Squash Tokoloshe
SUD Sudan" target="_blank">The Translator: A Tribesman's Memoir of Dafur
SWZ Swaziland" target="_blank">African Trombone (From Being Here collection of short stories)
TOG Togo
TUN Tunisia" target="_blank">Long Way Down
UGA Uganda - The War of the Ears by Moses Isegawa taken from" target="_blank">The View from Africa
TAN United Republic of Tanzania http target="_blank">The Enchanting Song of the Magical Bird (From Madiba Magic collection of short stories) TBR
ZAM Zambia" target="_blank">The Eye of the Leopard
ZIM Zimbabwe" target="_blank">An Elegy for Easterly

ASA American Samoa" target="_blank">Something of Samoa
AUS Australia" target="_blank">The House at Riverton
COK Cook Islands
FSM Federated States of Micronesia
FIJ Fiji
GUM Guam
KIR Kiribati
MHL Marshall Islands
NRU Nauru
NZL New Zealand" target="_blank">Some Other Country: New Zealand's Best Stories
PLW Palau
PNG Papua New Guinea" target="_blank">Four Corners: A Journey into the Heart of Papua New Guinea
SAM Samoa" target="_blank">Stevenson under the Palm Trees
SOL Solomon Islands" target="_blank">Solomon Time TBR
TGA Tonga" target="_blank">Kisses in the Nederends
TUV Tuvalu
VAN Vanuatu

AFG Afghanistan" target="_blank">A Thousand Splendid Suns
BRN Bahrain
BAN Bangladesh
BHU Bhutan" target="_blank">Danziger's Travels
BRU Brunei Darussalam
CAM Cambodia" target="_blank">Dancing in Cambodia, At Large in Burma
TPE Chinese Taipei
PRK Democratic People's Republic of Korea
HKG Hong-Kong" target="_blank">The Painted Veil
IND India" target="_blank">Q and A
INA Indonesia" target="_blank">The Flamboya Tree
IRQ Iraq" target="_blank">Salam Pax
IRI Islamic Republic of Iran" target="_blank">Ali and Nino
JPN Japan" target="_blank">Birthday Girl(from Birthday Stories)
JOR Jordan" target="_blank">Forbidden Love
KAZ Kazakhstan" target="_blank">In Search of Kazakhstan: The Land That Disappeared
KOR Korea" target="_blank">Fox Girl
KUW Kuwait
KGZ Kyrgyzstan" target="_blank">The Railway
LAO Lao People's Democratic Republic" target="_blank">Mother's Beloved
LIB Lebanon" target="_blank">Dreams of Water
MAS Malaysia" target="_blank">A River in Borneo
MDV Maldives "The Maldives: Not quite a desert island" from" target="_blank">Right of Passage
MGL Mongolia" target="_blank">Barbed Wire & Babushkas: A River Odyssey Across Siberia
MYA Myanmar" target="_blank">Dancing in Cambodia, At Large in Burma
NEP Nepal" target="_blank">Tea for Two
PAK Pakistan" target="_blank">The Age of Kali
PLE Palestine - Prisoner of Love TBR
CHN People's Republic of China" target="_blank">From Heaven Lake: Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet
PHI Philippines
QAT Qatar
KSA Saudi Arabia" target="_blank">Girls of Riyadh
SIN Singapore" target="_blank">The Singapore Grip
SRI Sri Lanka" target="_blank">The Sandglass
SYR Syrian Arab Republic" target="_blank">In Xanadu
TJK Tadjikistan
THA Thailand" target="_blank">Siam or the Woman who shot a Man
TLS Timor-Leste
TKM Turkmenistan
UAE United Arab Emirates" target="_blank">Dubai Tales
UZB Uzbekistan" target="_blank">The Dancer from Khiva
VIE Viet Nam" target="_blank">The Tapestries
YEM Yemen" target="_blank">The Zanzibar Chest

ALB Albania extract from The Loser taken from" target="_blank">Making the World Legible
AND Andorra
ARM Armenia
AUT Austria" target="_blank">The Hinge Factor
AZE Azerbaijan" target="_blank">Ali and Nino
BLR Belarus Summer in Baden Baden
BEL Belgium
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina extract from Clothes taken from" target="_blank">Making the World Legible
BUL Bulgaria" target="_blank">Danube
CRO Croatia - extract of The Ministry of Pain taken from" target="_blank">Making the World Legible
CYP Cyprus
CZE Czech Republic" target="_blank">The Book of Laughter and Forgetting
DEN Denmark" target="_blank">From the Ngong Hills
EST Estonia" target="_blank">Homo Novus
FIN Finland Finlandia: Los campeones del mundo Chapter 2 from the book" target="_blank">Basta de Historia
MKD Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
MON Monaco
FRA France" target="_blank">Bonjour Tristesse
GEO Georgia
GER Germany" target="_blank">The Karnau Tapes
GBR Great Britain" target="_blank">Gentlemen and Players
GRE Greece" target="_blank">Hungry Ghosts
HUN Hungary" target="_blank">Embers
ISL Iceland
IRL Ireland" target="_blank">Close to the Water's Edge from Birthday Stories
ISR Israel" target="_blank">Ten Thousand Lovers
ITA Italy" target="_blank">The City of Falling Angels
LAT Latvia
LIE Liechtenstein
LTU Lithuania" target="_blank">Vilnius Poker
LUX Luxembourg
MLT Malta" target="_blank">The Intelligence Officer
MNE Montenegro" target="_blank">Montenegro
NED Netherlands" target="_blank">Amsterdam
NOR Norway" target="_blank">The Snowman
POL Poland" target="_blank">Heat and Dust
POR Portugal" target="_blank">Portugal Diary
MDA Republic of Moldova
ROM Romania" target="_blank">Danube
RUS Russian Federation" target="_blank">The Black Monk
SMR San Marino
SRB Serbia" target="_blank">Danube
SVK Slovakia extract from The End of Freddy taken from" target="_blank">Making the World Legible
SLO Slovenia
ESP Spain" target="_blank">Blood on the Saddle
SWE Sweden" target="_blank">The Eye of the Leopard
SUI Switzerland" target="_blank">The Snow Cow
TUR Turkey" target="_blank">My Name is Red
UKR Ukraine

ANT Antigua and Barbuda" target="_blank">Mr. Potter
ARG Argentina" target="_blank">The Book of Murder
ARU Aruba
BAH Bahamas
BAR Barbados
BIZ Belize
BER Bermuda
BOL Bolivia" target="_blank">The Trail to Titicaca
BRA Brazil" target="_blank">Dona Flor and her Two Husbands
IVB British Virgin Islands
CAN Canada" target="_blank">The Gargoyle
CAY Cayman Islands
CHI Chile" target="_blank">The Stories of Eva Luna
COL Colombia" target="_blank">Paradise Travel
CRC Costa Rica" target="_blank">The Old Patagonian Express
CUB Cuba" target="_blank">The Aguero Sisters
DMA Dominica
DOM Dominican Republic" target="_blank">Dead Man in Paradise
ECU Ecuador" target="_blank">Portrait of a Nation
ESA El Salvador" target="_blank">Bitter Grounds
GRN Grenada" target="_blank">Buxton Spice
GUA Guatemala" target="_blank">Leyendas de Guatemala
GUY Guyana" target="_blank">This Body
HAI Haiti" target="_blank">Masters of the Dew
HON Honduras
JAM Jamaica" target="_blank">The Pirate's Daughter
MEX Mexico" target="_blank">The Poison that Fascinates
AHO Netherlands Antilles
NCA Nicaragua" target="_blank">My Car in Managua
PAN Panama" target="_blank">The Old Patagonian Express
PAR Paraguay" target="_blank">Travels with my Aunt
PER Peru" target="_blank">Inca-Kola
PUR Puerto Rico
SKN Saint Kitts and Nevis
LCA Saint Lucia
VIN Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
SUR Suriname
TRI Trinidad and Tobago" target="_blank">The Magic Seeds
USA United States of America" target="_blank">The Wonderful O
URU Uruguay: Uruguay y Peru: Una Computadora para cada ninho Ch. 10 in the book" target="_blank">Basta de Historia
VEN Venezuela" target="_blank">Simon Bolivar: A Life
ISV Virgin Islands

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