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First off, I realize my wish list is HUGE, but it serves more as a reminder of things I might like to read in some alternate reality where all I do is read, without having little scraps of paper laying around. I do not have some big sense of entitlement; in fact, for those of you who (for whatever reason) have my address, please do not send me anything from my wish list just as a parents (also my landlords) are just about ready to report me to the fire marshall as creating a fire hazard if I bring in any more books. There's a good chance that if someone sends me something as a surprise, I might have to just pass it on to the public library or to a charity shop, and y'all can do that just as well as I can without spending your hard-earned cash on postage.

Right now, I am usually not able to afford to trade internationally, not even to Mexico and Canada. (I curse the U.S. Postal Service for getting rid of surface mail. Sure, it took forever, but it was so cheap.) I also currently can't afford to fulfill anyone's book wish via the mail just as a good deed. I have to require either postage money or to get something in return if I send books within the U.S. But this will likely change when my financial situation gets better.

I am not going to say that I absolutely will not agree to trade from my "TBR" list, but be warned that if you ask me to send something after I read it, you might be waiting a while. If I promise to give someone a book after I have read it, I try to remember to put it on my "reserved" list, in order to remind myself I promised the book to someone. From time to time, some of the books on my reserved list are books I have on loan that I will get back eventualy, but I can't always make promises as to when I'll get these books back. Once in a great while, it'll appear that it's very unlikely I'll be back in possession of a book, either because I have lost it or because I have lost contact with the person I loaned it to; when that happens I try to remember to change the status to "travelling." If you approach me for a book of mine, I'd prefer to trade off my wish list or to be given postage $. Because I have so many books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, trinkets, etc., it's not likely I'll be able to trade for anything not on my wish list.

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