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I have now moved away from Finland and set up a new account as Potok-too. Welcome to my [old] virtual bookshelf! If you have found one of my books, welcome to bookcrossing. This book is a gift from me to you. You are welcome to keep the book for as long as you want, but what I really hope is that once you are done with it you will give it away again. Also, it would be great if you wrote a journal entry (it can be anonymous) to update us on this book's adventures.

2014 update: I'm not very active on BC these days, but from time to time I still register and/or release. Still a fan, just not super-active right now.

Please do not write to me out of the blue to request books without offering a trade (and even then I might say no). Also, please assume my TBR books are "reserved" rather than "soon to be available".

  • Thank you! to fairy godmother ghir for many RABCKs over the years :)
    Thank you! Sobergirl was the first Turku bookcrosser I met. She's full of enthusiasm and has passed on some great books to me.
    Just about everyone on my friends list has done me a BC good turn at some point: Thank you all!

    And of course, thank you to Ron, founder of BookCrossing – what a great idea.

If any bookcrosser gives me a book, I will keep it until I have read it. After that, if you've asked me to pass it on I will (either as a wild-release or a controlled release - please tell me if you have a preference for which I do). If you don't ask, then (if I really like it and expect to re-read it) I might mark it as "PC" and keep it for a long time. But I will never take the bookcrossing stickers out!

More about my BookCrossing:

I first heard about BookCrossing from someone who told us about people leaving books in trains and other public places, tracking their journey by internet. She didn’t remember any details about it, though. I next read about it on Neil Gaiman's website (he's actually been plugging it since 2002), and that is what eventually led me to register.

It took me a few weeks after joining to put together a small stack of books, register them, and give them in trade to another ex-pat who was looking for English books. About a month after that I made my first wild release, and soon I was attending local BC "miitit".

A note about stats: My "caught" statistic does not reflect all the books I have given away, because not all my wild releases have been journalled, and because I do give some books to friends who I hope might join BC but may choose not to. On the whole I do not register books I plan to keep, and before the days of "controlled release notes," I didn't "release" books that I sent to specific people (which means the wild-release stat is fairly accurate). As for books I have "found", most come from local BCers or are bookobsessed trades, but a few have been RABCKs. I do occasionally bestow RABCKs and/or wings - here are examples of some of the RABCKs I have sent to: Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Norway, USA, Scotland.

I adapted this guide to book rating from the one by used Scism, florafloraflora, and others, but I'm disappointed with it. It feels too late to change now, but I get too much bunching between 7-9. Read my journal entries rather than relying on my numbers:

10: Excellent. This book has impacted me deeply, or has simply been a pure delight to read.
9: Great book - just a nitpick stands between it and a 10.
8: Good, solid book that I would recommend to others.
7: Good book, but it didn't grab me in a *big* way.
6: Decent, but not really my type of book.
5: I'm sure somebody else would like this, although I didn't.
4: Only OK. The line between taking it and leaving it is very thin.
3: Major problems. I don't recommend this.
2: Major problems. I recommend you DON'T read this.
1: Ugh! Stay away! It's hard to imagine *anyone* liking this book.

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