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From Astoria, Oregon USA
Age 64
Joined Saturday, January 10, 2004
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To whomever is responsible with gifting me with a year's worth of wings: Thanks so much!! XXXOOOXXXOOO
Your thoughtful gift is much appreciated!

Like Linus and his blanket, I don't feel right if I don't have at least one book with me at all times. I read fast and get through an average of a book a day! It's hard to keep such an appetite fed, but I manage to do it.

Books I am currently buying include books on cooking, origami, maritime fiction and fact, science fiction and fantasy, paranormal fiction, travel literature, permacultire & organic farming, food science, and much, much more.

I currently work for an alternative newspaper called Hipfish. Among other duties, I write a monthly food column. Check it out at

I reside in Astoria, Oregon with my dog Frida Kahlo and my cats Emma Peel and Harry Houdini. We live in a tiny vintage Aladdin travel trailer. All the cupboards are crammed with books!

Lacking space to store AVL books, I have been doing large-scale wild releases: t thrift shops, on tables in my office building, at libraries. I am listing my Available inventory on and/or I am listed there under the same user name. I try to keep up to date on book status here at BookCrossing, but am probably only about 75% successful.
Most of my TBR is in storage and is not easy to get to. I am paring down my books in storage. Books that have Reserved status or no status designated may be available for postage. Sorry, I'm too broke for RABCKs or trades for the forseeable future except through Bookmooch or Paperbackswap.

Once, when I was in Venice, Italy, I saw a statue fondly known as "the book pooper". I am the book eater. I read a lot of books. I usually have quite a few books around, but my collection is very fluid, increasing and decreasing in large amounts.

Books I'm reading Now:
This changes too quickly to keep current.

Sherri Tepper: any of her older work such as Wizard's Eleven and Jinian Stareye

Rosemary Kirsten:
3)The Lost Steersman

VC Andrews:
Petals on the Wind
If There Be Thorns
Seeds of Yesterday
Garden of Shadows

CJ Cherryh:
Heavy Time (1)
Hellburner (2)
Cyteen I-The Betrayal
Cyteen II-Rebirth
Cyteen III-Vindication
Forty Thousand in Gehenna
Rim Runner
Voyager in the Night
Pretender (8)

Superluminal by Tony Daniel

Jacqueline Lichtenberg: 1)Those of My Blood, 2)Dreamspy, Sime~Gen: The Unity Trilogy, 1) Dushau, 2)Farfetch

Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin

LE Modesitt, Jr:
The Shadow Sorceress (4)

Mort Rosenblum:
Who Stole the News?
The Abortion Pill
Moments of Revolution
Back Home
Squandering Eden
Mission to Civilize
Coups and Earthquakes

Anything by Margaret Drabble published within the last 7 years

Richard Peck :
The Ghost Belonged to Me

Anything by Nevil Shute except: On the Beach, A Town Like Alice, Beyond the Black Stump, Pastoral, The Breaking Wave

Lost Scriptures: Books That Did Not Make it Into the New Testament by Bart D. Ehrman

Terry Tempest Williams:
Red, Coyote's Canyon, Desert Quartet, Jellies: Living Art, Spirituality is Solitary, I Pray to the Birds, Secret Language of Snow, NewGenesis: A Mormon Reader on Land and Community, Pieces of White Shell

Kelley Armstrong: Dime Store Magic, Stolen, Bitten

Mickey Zucker Reichert: Prince of Demons, The Children of Wrath

Art Books

Anything by Reginald Hill except On Beulah Height, Killing the Lawyers, Deadheads, Singing the Sorrow, and A Clubbable Woman

Greg Iles:
The Quiet Game
24 Hours
Dead Sleep
Black Cross
Blood Memory
Spandau Phoenix
Sleep No More
The Foorprints of God
Dark Matter

Anything by Sena Jeter Naslund

Anything by Christopher Moore except Fluke

John Case: anything except The Eighth Day

Kyle Mills: anything except Storming Heaven

Dean Koontz: Forever Odd

Bill Knox: Figurehead, The Drowning Nets, Wavecrest, Sea Fire, Whitewater, Bombship, Stormtide, Hellspout, Isle of Dragons, Sanctuary Isle, Bloodtide, Blueback, Cargo Risk, Mayday From Malaga, Salvage Job

I like to get creative with wild releases. Some of them can be quite challenging for the hunter (for example, some that can only be reached at low tide). I have also set up 1 permanent bookcrossing zone and plan to do more as I have time. Sometimes it's frustrating, living in a small city with probably no active bookcrossers except for myself. Feels like I'm releasing books by throwing them in a dumpster, I keep doing it anyway, but don't do as many strictly wild releases as I should. I have better luck when I travel. It would be nice to have face time with other BXers.

My favorite things about bookcrossing (in no particular order)are:
1) Catching a wild release.
2) Getting interesting messages from my wild releases.
3) The random and not so random acts of kindness.
4) Trading books.
5) Bookrings
6) Getting to read some truly amazing books that are normally not available in the US.

Thanks, bookcrossing, to turning me on to the people, the books, and the fun!

Bookrings I Have Started

Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian-------LOST (??)

Price of Honor: Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World by Jan Goodwin-------------------COMPLETED

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon---COMPLETED

Bloods: An Oral History of the Vietnam War by Black Veterans
bcid# 685-3206374 OPEN

Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women
bcid# 065-2642009 OPEN

bcid# 685-3206424 OPEN

Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey
bcid# 096-1330026 OPEN

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