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Unfortunately, I have been forced to drop out of BookCrossing for the time being due to chronic illness. (I have not really been active since March.) If I am next on the list for a book ring or ray, please just skip to the next person and take me off the list. If you have an address for me, please do not use it as I have moved.

Currently I have MANY books from rings and rays that need to be mailed, as well as one book box. I am acutely aware of it, I am getting your PMs on the rare occasion that I am at the computer. I truly apologize for not holding up my end of the agreement at this time. I HAVE NOT LOST ANY BOOKS and fully intend to send them all on when I am capable.

Again, I apologize and hope I can mail out everyone's books soon.


If you'd like to meet other BookCrossers, you can sign up at Meetup to meet members near you.

If you live in the Tallahasssee area, please join the Tallahassee BookCrossing Yahoo group.

This is a discussion group for anyone in the Tallahassee area who is a member of; a place for us to discuss the best places to release books, setting up Official BookCrossing Zones, Meetups, promoting BookCrossing, and just keeping in touch. Sign up and join in!!


Please help fellow Bookcrosser claudiu with his FREE ONLINE LIBRARY FOR ROMANIA by donating books or money, or even just trading with him. He's a nice guy doing a good thing and isn't that what Bookcrossing is all about?


Please take a look at My Wish List. (Many many thanks to cliff1976 for providing this service!!)

To see all my books at once, click here. (Thank you, kayters!)


FYI, books from bookrings and rays that I currently have are marked "RES" on my bookshelf in the new BookCrossing set up. This is just to indicate that they are not my books to trade.

My TBR books are not available for trade. I've decided it just doesn't work for me to promise a book to someone when I haven't read it yet.

I collect bookmarks, so I'm happy to trade for them as well as for books. And anyway, trades are great, but not always necessary! I just like sharing books with other book lovers. It's good karma!


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