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The Hunger Site
Hey BXers,

Keep your eyes open in and around Miami
because you never know where the next
book will turn up.


If you found a book, p-l-e-a-s-e write something in the journal.

Official Bookcrossing Zones I've visited:
--Panera Bread - Dadeland area
. . . catch one, catch two
--Panera Bread - The Falls area
--Hair Ego - 20463 Old Cutler Rd.

AND . . . Here's my list of 85! wild releases caught & journaled

(in and around Miami unless otherwise specified):
--Sunset Place
--Sunset Place again!
--Everglades - Hells Bay canoe trail *
--Unitarian Labyrinth
--UM student center
--Jean Willis Flowering Tree Park, South Miami
--Fairchild Garden (Mango Festival)*
--a gas station *
--Coral Gables Youth Center
--Michael's at Dadeland Station
--South Miami Library
--Coral Gables Post Office
--Milam's Market*
--Second Chance Costume Shop
--Tarpon Bay on Sanibel Island
--on the beach at Sanibel . . . and continues to travel
--Allen's Drug (turned up more than a year later)
--on the beach at Sanibel again (another delayed reaction)*
--UM - near the law school" >Dadeland Station Mall
--UM - a classroom building*
--Publix, 2551 Le Jeune
--Tropical Park tennis courts
--Charleston, SC
--Coral Gables Post Office again
--The Wellness Community
--Dadeland Mall
--South Miami Post Office
--Scrub-A-Dub Coin Laundry *
--South Miami Post Office again
--Publix, 7805 S.W. 40 Street (journaled more than a year later)
--Brewer tennis park
--Doctor's office
--A & M Comix
--Sanibel: Jerry's Market*
--Moon Dance on Miami Beach
--Miracle Mile -- first catch by someone who is already a BXer
--Pet Supermarket -- another wild catch by a fellow BXer
--Pearl Arts (18 mos later)
--The Everglades: Flamingo Bay*
--Coral Gables Library -- eventually winding up in the hands of a West Virginia bookcrosser!
--Miami International Book Fair, 2005
--Miami International Book Fair, 2005 (indirectly)
--MetroRail -- University Station
--Fairchild Garden - again (see above)
--Fairchild Garden - again!!
--Lots of Lox, 20445 Old Cutler Road
--South Miami Library (second time) -- snagged by another BXer
--UM Library Turns up 2 years later!!
--Miami-Dade Public Schools
--another gas station*
--Miami International Book Fair, 2006
--UM Cosford Theater
--Fairchild Garden -- again
--Sanibel - R.C. Otter's Eatery 4 years later
--TCBY Yogurt Shop
--Miami International Book Fair 2007
--Whole Foods Market, South Miami
--Turned up in a Goodwill 3 years later!
--gas station
--Bonsai Restaurant
--Whole Foods Market -- again
--UM Cosford Theater -- again
--Everglades -- in French -- Wow! -- I love bookcrossing!]
--The Everglades - again!
--Gainesville - UF campus
--Gainesville - University Credit Union
--Backyards by Design
--Pet Rescue
--Gainesville: Earth Pets
--Fresh Market, Coconut Grove
--Publix, 7805 SW 40 Street (2nd find I've had there)
--Big Cypress Swamp
--Starbucks - 6603 S. Dixie Hwy
--Smoothie King
--Lincoln Road, South Beach
--Whole Foods -- again, and traveling on!
--Miami Book Fair International 2008
--Whole Foods -- again
--Everglades -- again
--Miami Beach
--Sunset Place
--West Palm Beach PGA Resort - 5 years later
* asterisk = the finder turned around and released the book again thru BookCrossing (and the beat goes on)

n. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise. (added to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary in August 2004)

Gnissor C. Koob
Well of course that's my real name! 8)))

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