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An Alphabetical Life: Living it Up in the World of Books, by Wendy Werris
The House on Beartown Road: A Memoir of Learning and Forgetting, by Elizabeth Cohen (audiobook)




The Secret Life of Cows, by Rosamund Young (bookray by travelina)


Bibliophile, ailurophile, cruciverbalist, Christian, liberal, parent, animal lover, BookCrosser!


My Library Thing Page!

The Word Detective

McKays Used Books & More (My favorite book source, located in NC) is hilarious and informative!

1. Bringing Nature Home, by Douglas Tallamy (audiobook)
2. The Last Love: A Novel about Napoleon in Exile, by Thomas B. Costain
3. Midnight Rising: John Brown and the Raid that Sparked the Civil War, by Tony Horwitz (audiobook)
4. Swamp Story, by Dave Barry
5. Fifty Animals that Changed the Course of History, by Eric Chaline
6. We Have Always Lived in the Castle, by Shirley Jackson (audiobook)
7. Florida, by Lauren Groff (audiobook)
8. My Name is Resolute, by Nancy E. Turner
9. The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness, by Sy Montgomery (audiobook)
10. Right Ho, Jeeves, by P. G. Wodehouse (audiobook)
11. An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us, by Ed Yong
12. Extraordinary Goats: Meetings with Remarkable Goats, Caprine Wonders & Horned Troublemakers, by Janet Hurst (going to rubyrebel in the Wish List Tag game)
13. The Grip of Film, by Richard Ayoade
14. The Body: A Guide for Occupants, by Bill Bryson (audiobook)
15. Thank You, Jeeves, by P. G. Wodehouse (audiobook)
16. Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World, by Jack Weatherford
17. Gifts of the Crow, by John Marzluff (audiobook)
18. Carry On, Jeeves, by P. G. Wodehouse (audiobook)
19. Eggs, Beans and Crumpets, by P. G. Wodehouse (audiobook)
20. Countdown, by Deborah Wiles
21. The Code of the Woosters, by P. G. Wodehouse (audiobook)
22. Code Name Verity, by Elizabeth Wein
23. The Map that Changed the World: William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology, by Simon Winchester
24. A Damsel in Distress, by P. G. Wodehouse (audiobook)
25. Gator Country: Deception, Danger, and Alligators in the Everglades, by Rebecca Renner (audioboook)
26. Naturalist, by Edward O. Wilson
27. The Caretaker, by A. X. Ahmad (audiobook)
28. Something Fresy, by P. G. Wodehouse (audiobook)
29. In a Dark, Dark Wood, by Ruth Ware

1. The Sisters Brothers, by Patrick deWitt
2. Me, Myself, & Bob: A True Story about Dreams, God, and Talking Vegetables, by Phil Vischer
3. The New Noah, by Gerald Durrell
4. The Wild Life of Our Bodies: Predators, Parasites, and Partners that Shape Who We Are Today, by Rob Dunn
5. Zoo Station, by David Downing
6. Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat, by David Dosa
7. Room, by Emma Donoghue
8. A Northern Light, by Jennifer Donnelly
9. Amglish In, Like, Ten Easy Lessons, by Arthur E. Rowse
10. Tales from the Dad Side: Misadventures in Fatherhood, by Steve Doocy
11. An American Childhood, by Annie Dillard
12. Ragtime, by E. L. Doctorow
13. A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens
14. New Guinea Tapeworms and Jewish Grandmothers: Tales of Parasites and People, by Robert S. Desowitz
15. Life: Classic Photographs: A Personal Interpretation
16. Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It's So Hard to Think Straight about Animals, by Hal Herzog
17. The March, by E. L. Doctorow
18. Shadow and Bone, by Leigh Bardugo
19. The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes & Nocturnes, by Neil Gaiman
20. Tommy: The Gun that Changed America, by Karen Blumenthal
21. My Life in a Cat House: True Tales of Love, Laughter, and Living with Five Felines, by Gwen Cooper
22. The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffery Deaver
23. The Sleeping Doll, by Jeffery Deaver
24. Salvation on Sand Mountain: Snake Handling and Redemption in Southern Appalachia, by Dennis Covington
25. Roadside Crosses, by Jeffery Deaver
26. Don't Know Much about History, by Kenneth C. Davis
27. Will Rogers: A Biography, by Donald Day
28. No Book but the World, by Leah Hager Cohen
29. Under the Black Flag: The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates, by David Cordingly
30. The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson (audiobook)
31. Pirate Latitudes, by Michael Crichton
32. The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific, by J. Maarten Troost
33. Killing Lincoln, by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard
34. Jamaica Inn, by Daphne du Maurier
35. Eaglesworth, by T. R. Pearson
36. First in Flight, by T. R. Pearson
37. The House at Riverton, by Kate Morton
38. Everyone Brave is Forgiven, by Chris Cleave
39. Drop Shot, by Harlan Coben
40. Moby Dick, by Herman Melville (audiobook)
41. Don't Know Much about Geography, by Kenneth C. Davis
42. The Adventures of Sally, by P. G. Wodehouse (audiobook)
43. Discovering North Carolina: A Tar Heel Reader, edited by Jack Claiborne and William Price
44. An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England, by Brock Clarke
45. The Man Upstairs and Other Stories, by P. G. Wodehouse (audio)
46. Play Dead, by Harlan Coben
47. The Hundred Secret Senses, by Amy Tan
48. Remarkably Bright Creatures, by Shelby Van Pelt
49. My Life and Hard Times, by James Thurber (reread)
50. Little Bee, by Chris Cleave
51. Ripley, The Modern Marco Polo, by Bob Considine

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