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From Estrela, Lisboa (cidade) Portugal
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** Please note that my shelf here does NOT represent my taste in books. I get a lot of books specifically to release, that I would normally never read. So please don't judge me by what you see on my shelf!**

Pfff.... Tja... Ehh... Ik ben ik, gek op boeken, heb er momenteel zo'n 500 (of zoiets) in de kast(en een stuk of 100 bij mijn ouders, ben van plan al mijn vertaalde boeken weg te doen... Boeken van Van Schendel zijn altijd welkom, ben van plan ooit nog eens al zijn boeken te bezitten...

Well, might want to add some info in English as well... Hiya, to all 'foreigners' visiting! Well, what to tell about me, apart from the fact that I love books (duh), or anything with words. Besides words, I like pictures as well (hence my name).

I've opened an OBCZ with 2 other local bookcrossers last year, and we've already had a couple of fun meetings too. Getting ready for that meant a lot of registering, planning, and everything else that comes with it. But it was all a lot of fun!!
Oh, and for those who may be wondering, my bark's much worse than my bite :)

Below you'll find a map with countries I've visited so far... Am still planning to travel more than I do now...

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

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