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January 25 -- Finally back in Virginia after being detained in Pittsburgh for several weeks because of family issues. Sorry to everyone whose packages have been waiting for me for the past eight weeks. I'll do my best in the next few days to get caught up with journalling and sending along the rings and bookbox I received. Again, so sorry for the delays and I hope this hasn't inconvenienced anyone too much. On the plus side, my mother is doing much better after her heart attack and surgery, and will be dancing at the wedding in July. :-)

My shiny new Wish List! Many thanks to cliff1976 for the generosity!

Sigh. Just in general. Lots of craziness, which makes me want to stockpile books and then hide for about a month doing nothing but read (and eat. lots of eating. preferably homemade beef soup or macaroni and cheese). But I'm going ahead with planning the wedding, which has taken on Big Fat Greek proportions. Hopefully I'll be able to go to Pittsburgh in March to pick out food and cake and things. Otherwise, baby collies are running rampant, and i'm looking to move out of retail into a normal 9-5 job, so maybe I can actually see sweetie evenings and weekends! I can hope :-)

If anyone's bored, please feel free to PM just to chat...I'm always up for some light banter.

As ever, any book marked Available is up for immediate adoption, trade, exchange, whatever. TBR's are just that, but if there's something you're interested in, please let me know and I'll move it on up the line. However, I reserve the right to PC any book I've registered after reading it, so pelase be understanding. Everything should be up to date as far as status buttons and journals. If anything looks interesting, please contact me via PM. If there's anything you're interested in trading, just mention it in your message. I read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy, biographies, and historical fiction, though I'll try just about anything once.

The Jenny Books Are Back in Print!

Jenny Linsky is a little black cat who lives with a retired sea captain and always wears her pretty red scarf. These books have been out of print for decades, but the lovely folks at A Common Reader have brought them back. Five of her adventures, including "When Jenny Lost Her Scarf" and "Jenny's Adopted Brothers" are available in Jenny and the Cat Club by Esther Averill.

I've also noticed a lot of good older children's books back in print (all the Mary Poppins books, The Borrowers series, Half Magic and the other Edward Eager books) and it makes me happy to see that, especially compared with some of the things they push for kids now. Plus now I can complete my collections!

Open bookring for Ross Poldark by Winston Graham. It's a fabulous piece of historical fiction set in 18th-century Cornwall. Please PM me if interested.

Bookring starting for Caleb Carr's The Alienist, a great historical mystery set in late-19th-century New York. Great if you have an interest in mysteries, hist fict, psychology, opera, forensics, or just good, fast-paced stories. Please PM if interested.

Stalled. Looking for a replacement copy to get this one going again.

CLOSED Bookring for Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female with the Mass Media by Susan Douglas.

With teacart.

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After the Funeral: The Posthumous Adventures of Famous Corpses
Dragons: A Natural History by Dr. Karl Shuker
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Quote of the Week: "'What's a Heavenly Muse?' asked Paragot, as soon as I paused. I had not the faintest idea. 'Do you think it's a Paradisiacal back yard where they keep the Horse of the Apocalypse?'"

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