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Welcome to the cbostler bookshelf.

Bookcrossing serves three important purposes for me. First, I am an elementary school teacher, and I use Bookcrossing to enrich the reading and writing experiences of my second graders at Oakcrest Elementary. Their bookshelf is found here: oakcrest-eagles

Second, it helps promote a literacy memorial for my nephew, Paul Gordon Ostler. Almost all of the books found on my bookshelf are from Paul's Pass-Along Books. To learn more about this tribute to Paul, please go to

My third reason for being a Bookcrosser is that it is immensely fun and rewarding for me.


Highlights of my Bookcrossing history...
My students and I have received wonderful RABCKS from the following friends:
Paulsbooks, Lake44, Hostile17, Stellarpines, Booklady331, Saidenuj, 4libros, Chubsiewhubsie, Erishkigel, MyssCynn, Sabeena29, MaryZee, Boirina, Dusties, Tabby-Cat-Girl, Guinaveve, Bluesneak, Azuki, Dusties, AmandaPanda, Southernfryed, Firegirl, Aramena, TheLetterZ,
Glenystasmania and Smurphie.

The children and I enjoy giving RABCKs ourselves, and have made more than 30 new friends this way.

I've enjoyed participating in more than 40 bookrings and bookboxes. Thanks to those who have shared their treasures with me.
I am currently waiting for Second Grade Ape from MrsBurgess (12 ahead of me)


I've been asked by some educators, BookCrossers, and parents at Oakcrest Elementary to explain how I use BookCrossing in my second grade classroom.
Here are some of our "projects."
1. I have around 500 books in my classroom that are registered at BookCrossing that are available for students to read in school and to take home to share with families. Each book has a library pocket and check-out card. The students take turns acting as a librarian who manages the flow of books and does the reshelving. The system is simple and works beautifully.
2. We won ChubsieWhubsie's Thomas the Train RABCK. She sent 11 books, stickers, a two-car toy train, and a postcard. forum entry
We have a fun school project using the books, train, a camera, and a journal.
ChubsieWhubsie wrote an article for the BC Newletter about the project. link
3. We used a bookring book, Charlie's Secret Chocolate Book, for a myriad of activities. link See entries five and six.
4. We are trying to send the book The Bunyans to a school class in every state in the union. link
5. We used the book A is For Arches for two presentations. See entries four and five. link
We've also sent it to school classes in other states.
6. Read about our project for a bookring book, The Librarian of Basra. link
7. We had fun with the book The Puddle Pail before sending it to a teacher in Oregon. link
8. Do fish drink water? Find the answers to that question and more by reading our journal entries for another BC project. link
9. Take Me Out of the Bath Tub has goofy new lyrics for many familiar songs. The illustrations are great, too. We often sing our way through this book. link
10. Author Ann Cannon wrote personalized messages for Oakcrest Eagles in two of her books. In return, we wrote and illustrated our own booklets for her. Perhaps she'll use some of our suggestions for Pirate Pete and Pirate Joe in her writing in the future! link
11. Our Crystal Ball is a book my students wrote, illustrated, and had published professionally. We have a copy registered on BookCrossing. link
12. We participated in a bookring with second grade classes in three other states. Each class selected five books to share, and the collections rotated monthly. This link will take you to an example of ways we used the books we received.
13. We have a class project called the "Bee" a Reader Bookbag. The mascot for the bookbag is a plushie bee named after BookCrosser 4libros. Here's the link for the journal
14. Check out the bookshelf for our catch and release site on wheels. It's called
The Eagles' Nest.

15. We have a list of books that we have enjoyed and recommend to other readers. link
16. The literacy memorial for Paul Gordon Ostler has provided the children with the motivation for reading, and also hundreds of outstanding books. We appreciate Paul's family (paulsbooks) and the difference they are making in our lives. This link will give you unedited notes from Oakcrest Eagles.

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