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Hi! This is the bookshelf of the Kenté Coffee House OBCZ at 126 Streatham High Road. It's being looked after by WistfulDragon, so if you don't get a response to a PM here, please PM WistfulDragon, and she'll get back to you!

The OBCZ has been up and running for a while. It has now started to be more popular, with people leaving books, some of which are unregistered. As WistfulDragon thought it unfair to keep registering such books on her own shelf, this bookshelf has been set up. But as WistfulDragon is lazy - um, I mean busy! - there's no knowing how often this page will be updated. Due to lack of resources - mainly time! - the shelf doesn't show a clear picture of what is currently in the café; other books will have been released there, and some taken without being journalled. So why not visit on the offchance you'll find a book you like?

The café serves a great vannilla cappuccino (amongst other drinks), and makes bagels, sandwiches etc to order. The staff are friendly, and George (the proprietor) is enthusiastic about bookcrossing, although has little time to read and has no internet access. He doesn't even know about this shelf! (He does however know that he is advertised as an OBCZ - I'm not that underhand!)

As I don't have a photo of the café at the moment, the picture will have to wait. But George loves the labels I've made up with this picture on them, so maybe it will wait indefinitely. It's a small café, near the post office, and has a couple of tables and chairs outside (primarily for smokers, as it is a non-smoking place).

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