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From St. Louis, Missouri USA
Age 73
Joined Sunday, May 23, 2004
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I am not as active on BCing any more. I have released a LOT of books WITHOUT making them TRAVELING. So please don't ask me for a book, because I have very few books at home. Thanks.

Mr. Jiggs and Samsel (Sammy) are two of my cats.
I have a bookshelf for =^..^= each =^..^=

I use photographs of books liberally - whether or not they match up with the actual title of the book.

I've been diagnosed with breast cancer, January, 2007. See my other bookshelf, for MRJIGGS, to catch updates on treatment and care. [[[God is good.]]]

R.I.P. Samsel aka Sammy, my kitty =^..^= 9/2/08
R.I.P. Mr. Jiggs, my kitty =^..^= 7/21/07

A list of all of my sweet kitties:
#1 R.I.P. Fluff, 1978 (age 6)
#2 R.I.P. Stinker, 1980 (stray, age 5-6?)
#3 R.I.P. Blackie, 1993 (age 19)
#4 R.I.P. Beowulf, 1987 (age 16)
#5 R.I.P. Nala, 1999 (age 12)
#6 R.I.P. Windstar, 9/13/11 (age 13)
#7 R.I.P. Sally, 2002 (rescue, age?)
#8 R.I.P., Mr. Jiggs, 7/21/07 (rescue, age?)
#9 R.I.P., Samsel aka Sammy, 9/2/08 (rescue, age?)
#10 Adventure aka Addie, born Mother’s Day, 2008
#11 Mystery aka Mystie, born Mother’s Day, 2008

I gave myself "WINGS FOR A YEAR!" JAN/06-JAN/07
I gave myself "WINGS FOR A YEAR!" JAN/07-JAN/08
I gave myself "WINGS FOR A YEAR!" JUN/08-JUN/09
I gave myself "WINGS FOR A YEAR!" AUG/08-AUG/09
I gave myself "WINGS FOR A YEAR!" AUG/09-AUG/10
I gave myself "WINGS FOR A YEAR!" APR/11-APR/12
I gave myself "WINGS FOR A YEAR!" SEP/12-SEP/13
I gave myself "WINGS FOR A YEAR!" OCT/13-OCT/14
I gave myself "WINGS FOR A YEAR!" APR/16-APR/17

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1,000th Registered Book: The Guardian, by Nicholas Sparks
2,000th Registered Book: Among the Isles of Shoals, by Celia L. Thaxter
3,000th Registered Book: Modoc: The True Story of the Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived, by Ralph D. Helfer
4,000th Registered Book: The Climb Up To Hell: "One of the Most Dramatic Rescues in Mountaineering History", by Jack Olsen
5,000th Registered Book: Buffalo for the Broken Heart: Restoring Life to a Black Hills Ranch, by Dan, O'Brien
6,000th Registered Book: Population: 485: Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time, by Michael Perry
7,000th Registered Book: Evidence Not Seen: a Woman's Miraculous Faith in the Jungles of World War II, by Darlene Deibler Rose

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