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BONJOUR !! Pray for peace and non-violent solutions in the world.

I'm a big supporter of "networking adventures" as I call them. I'm in the 500+ level rank in the country in the "" network (and about #25 or so in the state of Ohio). Bringing people together is a passion of mine - from meetings and reunions, to social networks.

I designed a social studies project for our middle school, where we bought a teddy bear ("Bobcat Bob") and had him travel the world with people, who brought back photos of world landmarks (with the bear in the photo) - a great and fun way to learn geography and culture.

I'm a single mother of two "grown" sons - Benjamin is a senior Civil War history/education major in college in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, with his own extensive Civil War library; and Cameron is a football player at Central State near Xenia/Dayton, Ohio, majoring in art education, who loves reading fantasy/sci-fi, and loves all kinds of music. I love reading mysteries, biographies, humor, "self-help" and miscellaneous.

After many pets, I am now down to one dog. Kojak is a pug-boxer-many others-breed, we got at the Humane Society. I had to find homes for our cats, because after two years of horrible stresses, I ended up losing my home as a result of a predatory loan, and had to move to an apartment, and could only have one pet.

Now that the boys are grown, I just work - reading's one of my few fun activities. Someday I do hope to do more traveling -- but for now, it's just my money and my books that are traveling...I love to buy books at our Grandview Library's "Buck-a-Bag" book sale, register them on BookCrossing and give 'em away!

Front page of the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch newspaper, July 1, 2002 - Fate, Web site connect readers...

I also was written up in an article on BookCrossing in Columbus' "The Other Paper" in 2006.


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