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About me:

I was born (and currently live) in Athens, Greece. I deeply love books, flowers and music. I occasionally enjoy travelling, cooking and long conversations. I also enjoy writing and taking photographs, especially as means of capturing beautiful moments and preserving loving memories. You can get a glimpse of this in some of my releases. I like adding a picture once in a while even if the book is part of ring, in order to show where it has travelled.

My favorite readings include classical literature of antiquity, poetry, historic novels, crime/mysteries, fantasy, children's books and more. I have a growing interest in metafiction (books about books, writing, reading and publishing), as well as in stories set in (and describing) the city of London.

I have a long wishlist and it keeps growing -just like my TBR lists... It contains a little bit of everything -books recommended by friends, books I've been wanting to read for years, books by writers I have enjoyed, books I know almost nothing about but caught my attention on bookcrossing or elsewhere. I usually add titles in English but I am as interested to read them in Greek if they are available. Feel free to ask for any book in my "available" shelf. My releases are not usually representative of my taste, they are often chosen according to the Greek release challenges or simply books that I am not eager to keep for myself.

Since December 2013 I've been working full time, while also trying to keep up with my other activities. My reading time is significantly less than before, but my need to escape with books is as strong as ever. I love participating in bookrings and I do my best to read the books within reasonable time. However, things can get in the way and if you believe I'm delaying anything or keeping a book too long do send me a pm!

Regarding any books sent to me, I always journal everything I receive within the same day or the next. Postal services can be a bit slow in my area, so it may take a while for a book to arrive in my place.

Update 2015

For any little surprises that can fit into an envelope, here are the things I like the most:
-Books! (Wishlist books are a safe choice, however I'm open to almost anything, especially if it is heartfully recomended)
-Stationery (notebooks, pens, pencils, letter sheets and all sorts of writing material will be put to good use immediately)
-chocolate and sweets
-BC supplies

and for very special surprises:
-comic books in Latin (Asterix, Tintin etc)
-Harry Potter books in Latin or German (for practice!)
-fairy tales / fairy tale retellings / books inspired by fairytales
-books from the "Three Investigators" series
-stories of Robin Hood (I collect them)

"Let the spirit be happy today, and hate
the worry of what’s beyond, let bitterness
be tempered by a gentle smile. Nothing is
altogether blessed."

Horatius, Odes II, XVI 25-28 (translation by A. S. Kline)


Special thanks to:
My Secret Santa and first bookcrosser friend, TIFFANY1972

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My Secret Santa, lessalive

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Dove-i-libri (for my April wings!)
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My secret Santa, Katerina21

8th Greek Valentine's Release Challenge (
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Marsala’s “Favourite book of 2012 roundabout” (, great way of broadening my reading experiences

Special thanks to:
kriskross (,
Tsjara, for a great swap (, (
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emmejo, for my December wings!
my Greek Secret Santa, eirini-km
my EU Secret Santa, bookworm-lady

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Summer Earthquake Challenge by Kefalonia-OBCZ (,

Marsala's “Favourite book of 2013 roundabout” (
LilyKlip's International BookXerpting (
rodespringbal's ABC rings (I participated in the rings begining with K and M

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