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From Malvern East, Victoria Australia
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Like to read a broad range of fiction particularly crime. Also the occasional autobiography and historical text - WW2 books

Books I've read in 2023

Bauer, Sara Dobie: This is not A Horror Movie
Greenwood, Kerry: The Lady with the Gun asks the Questions
Hoag, Tami: The Alibi Man
Jones, Brett : Pride The Story of the First
Lanyon, Josh: So This is Christmas
Martin, Ann M. : Everything for a Dog
Osman, Richard; The Man Who Died Twice
Polites, Peter: Down the Hume
Runcie, James: The Discovery of Chocolate
Taylor, Cory: My Beautiful Enemy

Books read 2022

Baum, L. Frank: Wizard of Oz
Boyd, Maria: Will
Dahl, Roald: The Witches
Disher, Gary: Consolation
Evanovitch, Janet: Plum Lucky
Gale, Patrick: A Place called Winter
Grimsley, Jim: Boulevard
Haig, Matthew : The Midnight Library
Harstad, Donald: Eleven Days
Herren, Greg: Murder in the Rue Ursulines
Jackson, Lillian Braun : The Cat who Robbed a Bank
Jedrowski, Tomasz: Swimming in the Dark
Kessler, Kate: Two can play
Moriarty, Liane: Three wishes
Okati, Willa: And call me in the morning
Peterson, SJD: Lorcans Desire Pride - The Story of the ...
Tucker, Alan: The Bombing of Darwin

Books read 2021

Alexander, Nick: Better Than easy
Babson, Marian: Nine Lives to Murder
Bartlett, Allison Hoover: The Man who Loved Books too much
Carter, Aimee: Pawn
Chamberlain, Richard: Shattered LOve: A Memoir
Clarke, Arthur C.: Childhood's End
Davidson, Dianne Mott: Catering to Nobody
Dessiax, Robert: A Mother's Disgrace
Dos, Margarette: Letters From Berlin

Evanovich, Janet: Eleven on Top
Evanovich, Janet: Motor Mouth
Faber, Michel: Under the Skin
Foley, Lucy: The Guest List
Fox, Kathryn: Skin and Bone
Garner, James Finn: Politically Correct Bedtime Stories
Genova, Lisa : Still Alice
Glass, Julia: Three Junes
Greenwood. Kerry: Murder and Mendelssohn
Greer, Andrew Sean: Less
Grey, Andrew: Fire and Flint
Grey, Andrew: Fire and Granite
Grey, Andrew: Fire and Agate
Harper, Jane: Forces of Nature
Harper, Jane: The Lost Man
Jackson Braun: Lillian: The Cat who Moved a Mountain
King, Stephen: Billy Summers
Klune, T.J.: The House in the Cerulean Sea
Knauss, Sibylle: Eva's Cousin
Krasnostein,Sarah: The Trauma Cleaner
Levi, Primo: Auschwitz Report
Levithan, David: Boy Meets Boy
Lindsay, Joan: Picnic at Hanging Rock
McCall-Smith, Alexander: Trains and Lovers
McCann, Gary Garth: The Shape of the Earth
McDermid, Val: Kickback
McDermid, Val: Cleanskin
Meade, S.A.: Stolen Summer
Meier, Beatrice: The Vintage Springtime Club
My First Time V.3: edited by Jack Hart
Osman, Richard: The Thursday Murder Club
Paton- Walsh : Debt of dishonour
Probert-Wright, Barbie: Little Girl Lost
Quinn, Jay: The Good Neighbour
Razzle Dazzle Trilogy I heart the City
Sanchez, Alex: Rainbow High
Sanchez, Alex: Rainbow Road
Sjowall: Murder at the Savoy
Stevenson, Richard: Strachey's Folly
Troost, J. Maarten: Getting Stoned with Savages
White Ellen Emerson: My Story Titanic
Zusak, Marcus: The Book Thief

Books Read 2020

Bone, Ian: Tin Soldiers
Eggers, Dave: The Monk of Mokha
Grey, Andrew: New Tricks
McQuiston, Casey: Red White and Royal Blue
Meriwether, Sean: The Silent Hustler
Michaelides, Alex: The Silent Patient
Petersen,SJD: Jess's Journey
Polites, Peter: Pillars
Rosen, Rob: Divas Las Vegas
Vanderbilt, Arthur: The Best-kept Boy in the World
Waldman, Ayelet: Bye Bye Black Sheep
White, Christian: The Nowhere Child
White,Christian: The Wife and the Widow
York, Sara: Not That Type of Guy

Books Read 2019

Arvin, Eric: Simple Men
Bainbridge, Beryl: Every Man for Himself
Barker, Pat: The Silence of the Girls
Boyne, John: A Ladder to the Sky
Bretherton, Tanya: The Suicide Bride
Brown, Rita Mae : A Nose for Justice
Cayre, Hannelore: The Godmother
Cochrane, Charlie: Lessons in Love
Conley, Garrard: Boy Erased
Defede, Jim: The Day the World Came to Town
Edugyan, Esi: Half Blood Blues
Greenwood, Kerry: Herotica
Heath, Jack: Hangman
Hooper, Chloe: The Arsonist
Hyland, Adrian: KInglake-350
Indiana, Gary : Rent Boy
Ladro, Vince: The Jockstrap Murder
Maltese, William: The Happy Hustler
Marchwell, D.W.: Falling
Myers, Abby: Murder in the Limelight
Peterson, SJD: Plan B
Saunders, George: Lincoln in the Bardo
Schell, Andy: My Best Man
Soehnlein, K.M.: The World of Normal Boys
Stark, Jill: High Sobriety
Steinbeck, John: The Pearl
Tokarczuk, Olga: Drive Your Plow over the Bones of the Dead
Trout, Nicholas: The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs
Vincent, Isabel: Dinner with Edward
Welsh, Louise: A Lovely Way to Burn
Welch, Louise: Death is a Welcome 
Wilson, John Morgan: Simple Justice


Backman, Frederick: A Man Called Ove
Best Gay Erotica ed. Rob Rosen
Gale, Patrick: Tree Surgery for Beginners
Graham, Laurie: The Importance of Being Kennedy
Jones, Myfanwy: Leap
Picoult, Jodi: The Storyteller
Ryan, Sara: Empress of the World
Snyder, Anne: Counter Play
Zubro, Mark Richard: Sex and


Angelou, Maya: Wouldn't take Nothing for my Journey Now
Antonio: Dead Men Tell Tales
Boyd, Robert: Sex Behind Bars
Brooks, Max: World War Z
Burton, Jessie: The Miniaturist
Chevalier, Tracey: Falling Angels
French, Nikki: Beneath the Skin
Gaiman, Neil: Neverwhere
Gaiman, Neil: Stardust
Gaiman, Neil: The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains
Haig, Matt: The Dead Fathers Club
Harper, Jane: The Dry
Howatch, Susan: The Shrouded Walls
Hyde, Catherine Ryan: Pay it Forward
Kuhn, William: Mrs. Queen Takes the Train
Leddick, David: The Sex Squad
Mackall, Joe: Plain Secrets :An outsider among the Amish
Maupin, Armistead: The Days of Anna Madrigal
Merliss, Mark: American Studies
Moriarty, Lianne : Big Little Lies
Morprugo, Michael: Farm Boy
Morpurgo, Michael: War Horse
Patchett, Ann: Run
Picano, Felice: Looking Glass Lives
Sandy, Claire: What Would Mary Berry Do?
Sex by the Book ed. Kevin Bentley
Simmons, Steven: Body Blows
Szubanski, Magda: Reckoning A Memoir
Vandermeer, Jeff: Acceptance
Weir, Andy: The Martian
White, Karen: The House on Tradd Street


Albom, Mitch: The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Alexander, Kindle: Always
Anglada, Maria Angels : The Violin of Auschwitz
Attwood, Margaret: Bodily Harm
Attwood, Margaret: Wilderness Tips
Au, Jessica: Cargo
Berg, Elizabeth: Open House
Braun, Lillian Jackson: The Cat Who Said Cheese
Chbosky, Paul: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Conant, Susan: A Bite of Death
Couto, Mia: The Tuner of Silences
Crumb, Barry: Wild Boer and Watercress
D'Arbenville, Mark: The Naked Husband
Doerr ,Anthony: All the Light we Cannot See
Dowsell, Paul: Auslander
Fox, Harper: Scrap Metal
Fossum, Karin: Bad Intentions
Funk, Jeff: Midnight Reader
Evanovitch, Janet: Ten Big Ones
Godden, Rumer: Coramandel Sea Change
Harrisson, Melissa: At Hawthorne Time
Hicks, Michael: From Lust to love
Highsmith,Patricia: Carol
Hirst, John: The Shortest History of Europe
Hoag, Tami: Magic
Holm, Anne: I am David
Isherwood, Christopher: A Meeting by the River
Kenry, Chris: Can't Buy me Love
Kent, Graeme: Devil-Devil
Law, Benjamin: The Family Law
Lowy, Lois: The Giver
Marlowe, Sage: Fantasy for Sale
McCall Smith, Alexander: 44 Scotland Street
McEwan, Ian: Enduring Love
McKenzie, Anna: The Sea-Wreck Stranger
Middleton, Stanley: Vacant Places
Ness, Patrick: A Monster Call
Nicholls, David: One Day
Norton, Graham: The Life and Loves of a He Devil
O'Brien, Tim: In the Lake of the Woods
Patterson, James: Murder House
Pearl, Matthew: The Dante Club
Ptatchett & Gaimen : Good Omens
Raymond, Midge: Forgetting English
Sloan, Robin: Mr Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore
Stevenson, Richard: Shock to the System
Swanson, Peter: The Kind Worth Killing
Theroux, Paul: The Kingdom by the Sea
Thompson, James: Snow Angels
Vandermeer, Jeff: Annihilation
Vandermeer, Jeff: Authority
Wood, Charlotte: The Natural Way of Things
Zurbo, Mark Richard : Political Poison


Ackroyd, Peter: The Clerkenwell Tales
Attwood, Margaret: Surfacing
Bearotica edited by Ron Suresha
Biker Boys edited by Christopher Pierce
Brief Encounters edited by Shane Allison
Brown, J. Edward: New Neighbours
Buchignani, Walter: Tell No One Who You Are
Bulawayo, NoViolet: We Need New Names
Catton, Eleanor: The Luminaries
Christopher, Bren: Big Cypress Crossroads
Christopher, Lucy: Stolen
Cooper, Dennis: The Sluts
Daddy's Boyz edited by Bob Condron
Danticat, Edwidge: Breath, Eyes, Memory
Davies, Martin: The Conjurer's Bird
Dixon, Landon: Hot Tales of Gay Lust
Drewe, Robert: The Drowner
Dunmore, Helen: The Siege
Epstein, Raphael: Prisoner X
Evanovitch, Janet: To the Nines
Faraday, Paul: The Straight Shooter
Farah, Nuruddin: From a Crooked Rib
Gaiman, Neil: The Graveyard Book
Grayshon, Janet: The Confessions of a Vicars Wife
Haig, Matt: The Humans
Herren, Greg: Bourbon Street Blues
Jonasson, Jonas: The One Hundred Year Old Man ...
Kent, Hannah: Burial Rites
Kilduff, Paul: Ruinair
Kimberling, Nicole: Ghost Star Night
King, Stephen: Dr. Sleep
Koontz, Dean: The Door to December
Lay, Graeme: Return to One foot Island
Leavitt, David: The Two Hotel Francforts
Levine, Joshua: Forgotten Voices of the Somme
Meyer, Philipp: The Son
McCall-Smith: Alexander: Akimbo and the Crocodile Man
McCall-Smith, Alexander: The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection
McGehee, Peter: Boys Like Us
Melo, Patricia: The Body Snatcher
Men on the Make edited by Shane Allison
Miano, Leonora: Dark Heart of the Night
Michaels, Grant: Dead as a Doornail
Miller, Kei: The Good Earth
Murnane, Gerald: A History of Books
Naipal, V.S.: The Mystic Masseur
Nice Butt edited by Shane Allison
Persaud, Sassenarime: Dear Death
Rossant, Collette: Apricots on the Nile
Seierstad, Asne: The Bookseller of Kabul
Semple, Maria: Where'd you go Bernadette?
Sheppard, Sam: Sodomy!
Slogett, Diane: Angels of Burma
Spark, Muriel: Loitering with Intent
Swift, Graham: Waterland
Vittachi, Nury: The Feng Shui Detective's Handbook
Wells, Jess: Beautiful Ruins
When a Man Loves a Man edited by Lucas Steele
Whyman, Matt: Boy Kills Man
Wyld, Evie: All the Birds Singing
Xinran: The Good Women of China
Zebrun, Gary: Someone You Know

Books read for 2014

Aaronovitch, Ben: Moon Over Soho
Aaronovitch, Ben: Rivers of London
Ammaniti, Niccolo: I'm Not Scared
Baker, Tom: Full Frontal
Barker, Clive: The Thief of Always
Brunt, Carol Rifka: Tell the Wolves I'm Home
Byers, Ann: Saving Children from the Holocaust
Carr, J.L.: A Month in the Country
Carter, Angela: Nights at the Circus
Colgan, Jenny: The Good, the Bad and the Dumped
Deem, James M.: Auschwitz - Voices from the Death Camp
DICamillo, Kate: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
D'Lacey, Joseph: Black Feathers: The Black Dawn
Ensler, Eve: The Vagina Monologue
Figiel, Sia: Where we Once Belong
Foxxe, Austin: Slow Grind
Gasq-Dion: Sandrine: A Marked Man
Gaiman, Neil: The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Gieseke, Winston: Blowing off Class
Glenn, Stormy: Cat's Pride
Goldberg, Myla: Bee Season
Grey, Andrew: Dutch Treat
Hauser, G.A.: Mile High
Hemingway, Ernest: A Farewell to Arms
Henderson, J.A.: Bunker 10
Houston, Victoria: Dead Angler
Kline, Christine Baker: Orphan Train
Lanyon, Josh: Fatal Shadows
Leddick, David: The Handsomest Man in the World
Mairs, Nancy: Waist-High in the World
Malouf, David: Dream Stuff
Mason, Bobbie Ann: In Country
McCall-Smith, Alexander: In the Company of Cheerful Ladies
McInerney, Monica: Odd One Out
Meade, S.A.: Stolen Summer
Menzies, Gavin: The Lost Empire of Atlantis
Mills, Joseph: Obsessions
Mosen, Avery: All mt Friends are Dead
O'Neill, Heather: Lullabies for Little Criminals
Munro, Alice: Dear Life
Norris, Gregory: Ghost Kisses
Peterson, SJD: Simple
Pratchett, Terry: Guards! Guards!
Rendell, Ruth: End in Tears
Sansom, Ian: Mr. Dixon Disappears
Shaffer, Mary Ann: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society
Schiefelbien, Michael: Vampire Vow
Schwalbe, Will: The End of Your Life Book Club
Shriver, Lionel: A Perfectly Good Family
Slater, Nigel: Toast
Soucy, Gaetan: The Little Girl who was too Fond of Matches
Stassen, Jean-Phillipe: Deogratias - A Tale of Rwanda
Steadman, M.L.: The Light Between the Ocean
Stone, Kyle: Menagerie
Szpilman, Wlastslaw: The Pianist
Tsiolakas, Christos: Barracuda
Webb, Beth: Fleabag and the Ring of Fire
Zebrun, Gary: Someone You Know

Books I've read this year 2013 are

Almeida, Germano:: The Last Will and Testament of Senor ...
Baggins, T: Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay)
Braun, Lilian Jackson: The Cat who went into the Closet
Bryson, Bill: Neither Here nor There
Carey, Peter: The Chemistry of Tears
Cracks in the Image Stories by Gay Men
Craft, Michael: Bitch Slap
Crispin, Edmund: The Moving Toyshop
Dahl, Roald: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar
De Rosnay, Tatiana: Sarah's Key
Dosa, David: Making the Rounds with Oscar
Drayton Joanne: The Search for Anne Perry
Ebersohn, Wessel: The October Killings
Ehrenreich, Barbara: Nickel and Dimed
Evanovich, Janet: Seven Up
Evanovich, Janet: Hard Eight
Funder, Anna: All That I am
Gill, Brendan: Late Bloomers
Graeme-Smith, Seth: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Greenwood, Kerry: Away With the Fairies
Hansen, Joseph: Skin Flick
Harris, Thomas: Silence of the Lambs
James, P.D.: Death Comes to Pemberley
Johnson, Pete: Avenger
Kabak, Carrie: Cover the Butter
Keenan, Joe: Blue Heaven
Koch, Herman: The Dinner
Kelly, Nora: My Sister's Keeper
Lear, James: The Secret Tunnel
Lucy, Judith: Drink Smoke Passout
McCall-Smith, Alexander: The Dog who came in from the Cold
McCall-Smith, Alexander: The Double Comfort Safari Club
Mosse, Kate: The Winter Ghosts
Perry, Anne: Cardington Crescent
Rankin, Ian: The Flood
Rosen, Rob: Southern Fried
Ross, Stewart: The Star House
Round, Jeffrey: Death in Key West
Sanchez, Alex: So Hard to Say
Shaw, Aiden: Brutal Uncut
Shaw, Aiden: Sordid Truths
Twohig, Peter: The Cartographer
White, Patrick: The Hanging Garden
Wilde, D. Gunther: Claws

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