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I am an EMT-B in Boston, MA. I work for a private company that mostly does non-emergent transports, but I do get many emergency calls from the cities and towns we serve. I hope to become a nurse someday, I really dig the patient interaction and I like blood and gut; I also have a fascination with the human body.

I spent a lot of time dooing musical and straight theatre. This experience gave me eloquence and annunciation. Theatre also taught me to trust my coworkers in times of distress; like the lights cutting out midscence or something. I've also noticed that a lot of life consists of presenting yourself to someone else, and bearing all. This opens up avenues of trust and care which otherwise couldn't be reached with a stern attitude.

I play the guitar, write and record my own songs, and perform on the local sub-way stations. It's fun, emotionally releasing, and yes, chicks do dig it. I guess I'm pretty a-typical folk/rock/pop, but I have some tunes that get the heads bobbing and he feet tapping.

I hate school. I feel like the most important lessons I've learned have been on my own. I can acquire facts from the local library and learn what I want when I want, but I guess that exhibits and large fault of mine; a giant head. Or is it confidence? Eh, who cares...

Expect the worst, hope for the best - - It's the rule I've lived by, and it's gotten me pretty far.

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