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The Green in my user name actually refers to the colour my favorite football (soccer to any Americans reading this) team wears rather than a particular person.I am a Plymouth Argyle fan for my sins and watch them whenever work commitments allow. I was born and grew up in Cornwall, hence they were my nearest professional team, but about 30+ years ago I swapped the SW for the East Midlands and in particular the Peak District, living on the edge of the National park. However, most of my family still live in Cornwall so I visit them periodically and despite the number of years since I left there I still regard it as my home.

I work on the trains as a guard, conductor, train manager (I will let you choose which title you prefer) so am constantly in contact with the travelling public in all their shapes and forms with their own particular foibles, so no two days are ever the same. It also means that I often see commuters sat comfortably reading while I am busy working. Swines.

I cannot list a particular book or event that first got me interested in books and reading. I guess it is just something that I have always done, my mother was also a big reader although my father rarely read much more than the newspaper sports pages. Whatever I am doing I like to put at least an hour a day aside to read a book but have usually also got several magazines, usually about my other hobby walking, on the go as well which I will constantly dip in and out of. The first book or more accurately series of books I remember reading as a child for my own personal pleasure were the Brer Rabbit series of short stories followed by adventures of the likes of Ivanhoe, Treasure Island and Robin Hood. Now I have a very varied taste in books covering all sorts of genres and ages but if I did have a preference it would be books where the plot has some historical basis even if the characters within are fictional. I am in particular thinking of the likes of the Flashman series or Alexander Kent books.

My shelves are ordered thus:
TBR - I do intend to read these books, I am willing to send them out and will bump them up the pile following requests
AVL - Are available for sending
PC - Are books that I will read and re-read
RES - they are either part of a bookring/ray or have already been leant or promised to someone else

If there are any books that interest you on either my available or TBR shelves do not hesitate to contact me as am happy to pass on.

I try to keep my wishlist current.

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