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Step 2. Share

Now it’s time to pass it on!

You’ve labeled your book, and it’s ready to travel the world. There are a few different ways you can share your book:

Give it away. Pass your book on to a friend, a stranger, a strange friend, or a friendly stranger! You can find someone in the BookCrossing community who's looking for your book and make their day by sending it to them. These particular methods are referred to as “controlled releases", because you know the destination of your book’s next stop.
Release it into the wild. Referred to as the "wild release" (and loved by so many BookCrossers), this type of sharing is a bit like nudging a baby bird out of the nest or sending your kid off to college. Your book doesn’t want to spend its life on your shelf gathering dust; it wants to get out there and touch lives! So leave your labeled book on a park bench on a summer day, in a train station, on the table in your favorite coffee shop -- anywhere it’s likely to be caught by another delighted reader. Then come back and read about your book’s new adventures!
Be creative! BookCrossers find a myriad of creative ways to exchange books and make new connections! They might establish an "Official BookCrossing Zone" (known as an OBCZ); a physical location where books are regularly caught and/or released. They may start a "bookring",  "bookray", or "bookbox", all of which are controlled ways of passing books throughout a set group of members. Many create "wishlists" to solicit books they'd like to read. We suggest you join now, release a book, and dive into the wonderful world of BookCrossing!
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