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Christine Oster

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Christine Oster has been creating in one form or another since she began making mud pies and later baking cakes and sewing as a child in Columbus, OH. She studied silversmithing in the 70s under Reino Martin at the DeCordova Museum School in Lincoln, MA. She later tried to be a watercolor artist; however, her love of three-dimensional work enticed her to add bits of beautiful papers, sparkles, and found objects to her watercolors, transforming them into collages. She is currently studying hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery construction. Ms. Oster makes one-of-a-kind greeting cards and collages. She uses materials including watercolor and acrylic paint, handmade papers from around the world, mica flakes, glitter, ribbon, stamping, embossing and found objects such as feathers and leaves. Living with her husband and three dogs in Bloomington, Indiana, USA, Ms. Oster is an elementary school teacher by day and an artist by night and on weekends. Her wish is that her art would raise the spirit and provide beauty in the lives of those who see it.

Readers' Dream
16x20 inches (40x50 cm), found objects

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