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wss4 13 yrs ago
I recieved a wonderful surprise of a book cover, several BC labels and stickers and the cutest little owl note card in the mail a while back. I absolutely loved it and wanted to send a huge thank you to snowy652! Thanks …

wss4 13 yrs ago | 1 replies
I received a wonderful package in the mail a couple weeks ago. I want to apologize first for taking so long to post a thank you. School started back and I have been so wiped out I have not managed to get anything done. …

wss4 13 yrs ago
I received a wonderful surprise in the mail this summer from soozreader. She sent a nice little surprise for my daughter who has broken her ankle. Along with a wonderful postcard, cute bookmark, stickers, and some fabulo…

wss4 13 yrs ago
I received a lovely card and a coin for my daughter to add to her collection a while back. Sorry I am just getting around to posting thank yous but wanted to say that it was very much appreciated. Hugs from us both!

wss4 13 yrs ago
I received some fabulous labels and stickers in the mail today. There were return address labels that have my profile picture on them, BCID labels that are the perfect size and some small Bookcrossing stickers that I lov…

wss4 13 yrs ago | 3 replies
I thought of something else I would like to add to my wishlist. I really wish we could edit our posts. lol I would love to have a book cover. You know the kind that slip over your books to cover the front and back co…

wss4 13 yrs ago | 4 replies
My wishlist is New wings as mine expire in 5 days. (Yikes) Bookcrossing labels (self stick or not, homemade or not - I don't care, I just love labels for putting in the books I release) My 15 year old dd broke he…

wss4 14 yrs ago
Although there have been times when my current read was misplaced or left somewhere, so I would start something new. But I would finish it before going back to the other.

wss4 14 yrs ago | 40 replies
I don't post in the forums here on a regular basis, but have to say that I was suprised by all of the winged members who have attacked the management over these changes. I don't understand. You have not lost anything. Yo…

wss4 14 yrs ago
and his heart grew cold wth the fear of it. Evil Reincarnate by Leigh Clark

wss4 14 yrs ago
Actually she is still very much active, just busy with school. In fact I just got a package in the mail from her today. I will be more than happy to forward her mailing address to you if you would like to mail the 4 book…

wss4 14 yrs ago | 4 replies
Here are some of the folks that you owe books to on BookObsessed. I am sure that they will gladly send you their mailing information if you were to PM them through BookObsessed. Often Bookcrossing Pm's do not make it to …

wss4 14 yrs ago
I had to check on my anniversary just out of curiosity and noticed that my 6th will be a couple weeks after yours. Time does fly. LOL Would love to enter your contest. I am in the US. Here's to hoping that we hav…

wss4 14 yrs ago
I was not going to enter, but since I see you are offering labels I would love to enter for that. I love getting new labels from folks. Congrats again on 5 years!!!

wss4 14 yrs ago
I know that I have Andrew Fox (Fat White Vampire Blues)& Darren Shan (Demonata series & Cirque Du Freak series). I have a couple more but can not remember who off the top of my head.

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