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tiggsybabes 1 yr ago
I'd love to join in. UK only if possible, as I'm on a low income. Cheers 💜📚

tiggsybabes 13 yrs ago
That would be fab, if you PM me I can send my address. My best friend & her partner are going to the North American one next year :) Cheers Anna / Tiggsybabes > I have a paperback copy of Wyrd Sisters > that…

tiggsybabes 13 yrs ago | 2 replies
I wild released a pile of books at the last DW con in 2006, but this year there is going to be an official manned table for donations & taking away, with a laptop available for instant journalling. This is happening o…

tiggsybabes 13 yrs ago | 2 replies
Evening all :) I was having a right faff this morning setting up a new release zone & now seem to have set up 2. Can someone please delete the one that appears first & leave the one that says Ankh-Morpork (Discworld C…

tiggsybabes 15 yrs ago
I am really sorry though & am embaressed that I took it the wrong way. I seem to have had a day of misinterpretting things. Thanks :) Anna

tiggsybabes 15 yrs ago
Thank you, I'll finish the book next up as I'm a big Kinsey Millhone fan & have been working my way through the books. Many thanks :) Anna

tiggsybabes 15 yrs ago | 2 replies
I misunderstood the comment, I'm a bit sensitive atm due to something totally unrelated to bookcrossing & didn't mean to give offense. Anna

tiggsybabes 15 yrs ago | 6 replies
Sorry, my bookcrossing books are very behind as I have post natal depression. I probably have PMs in my inbox that I haven't seen & I apologise. An lj friend has pointed out this post to me, but is Trekwoman being rud…

tiggsybabes 16 yrs ago
The first one was set up a few months ago at the Gardners Rest pub in Neepsend & the second was set up last month at the Showroom cafe / bar where we've been ha…

tiggsybabes 16 yrs ago
I'd love to join this ring & am in the UK Cheers :) Anna / Tiggsybabes

tiggsybabes 16 yrs ago | 2 replies
Just seen this & printed out the labels & will release some books on Valentines Day :)

tiggsybabes 16 yrs ago | 1 replies
Not online v much due to PND & my baby now has gastric flu. I shall make some time for it at the weekend & post out on Monday (or even Saturday if I manage it before lunchtime) My e-mail inbox is overflowing as I don't g…

tiggsybabes 16 yrs ago
Family Bites, by Lisa Williams. Only available through BCUK & she's a friend of mine. The book is funny & well-written & she's currently in the middle of qriting the sequel. It also has werewolves in.

tiggsybabes 17 yrs ago
What a fab idea, I'll sign up to send a book :) Anna / Tiggsybabes

tiggsybabes 17 yrs ago
Though, I think Morelli has the slight upper hand. Not sure why. Maybe because he likes dogs :) Anna / Tiggsybabes

tiggsybabes 17 yrs ago | 1 replies
Hi, I was told you were trying to contact me. I've not used my pc for a few days as I'm not well. I'll cath up with everything today, hopefully. Anna / Tiggsybabes

tiggsybabes 17 yrs ago
Bedrooms are for sleeping & reading :) Anna

tiggsybabes 17 yrs ago
I released a book last week in the antenatal clinic (am pg obviously *g*) & will take at least 1 book with me to each subsequent visit. It's not been journalled yet, but I hope it's because it's being enjoyed in the w…

tiggsybabes 17 yrs ago | 2 replies
I'm in :) PM on it's way Tiggsybabes

tiggsybabes 17 yrs ago
I hope my 2 (well 1 & 1/2 *G*) are just as well behaved & charming as the mini dragons :) Can't wait to take mine along next year.

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