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snoopy56 2 mos ago
It was an OK film (Benedict Cumberbatch was brilliant) but I can’t help thinking the book might be better.

snoopy56 3 yrs ago | 1 replies
Hi Ardachy, I am planning to come on Saturday for the day. I haven’t tried to purchase tickets via the website as yet but would it be easier to pay you on the day. PS. I have a couple of elephant books for you.

snoopy56 3 yrs ago
Hi, I’m just about to sign up to come to the convention on Saturday for the day. If you have any other late joiners who would like to take part in the NSS please message me the details but don’t worry if not.

snoopy56 3 yrs ago
I am just about to sign up to come to the convention for the day on Saturday so I would love to be included in the book swap game.

snoopy56 4 yrs ago
I first came across Testament of Youth when it was made into a television series starring Cheryl Campbell in the 1970s - much better than the recent film. When I subsequently read the book it affected very much and I wen…

snoopy56 4 yrs ago
I will be starting this book on its journey very soon. The list at present is :- iiwi Femke85 Arvores Miss Markey Edwardstreet

snoopy56 4 yrs ago | 6 replies
I won this in a book swap game at the 2017 uncon. In Loughborough. I think one or two other people were also after the book so l am now offering it as a book ring. You can see the J Es at…

snoopy56 4 yrs ago | 1 replies
I've just started listening to this and at the moment I'm very unsure about it. I've looked at the reviews on both Audible and Amazon and it seems that opinions are very divided on it. Some reviewers suggest that it is w…

snoopy56 6 yrs ago | 1 replies
I would be interested in this but would need to be at the the end of the list as I'm travelling at the moment. I'll message my friend Daffodil-2 to see if she's interested as well.

snoopy56 8 yrs ago
I read this a while ago and really enjoyed it. It's not at all morbid but I was a bit unsure about the sausages ! I passed my copy on to another bookcrosser. BCID: 486-11383357

snoopy56 9 yrs ago
I've been lurking on this forum for a while but have never posted before. However, this month I have finished a book which fits perfectly with the theme. It may not be obvious from the title but the story is about one ma…

snoopy56 9 yrs ago | 1 replies
I'm halfway through Janis Ian's autobiography. Apart from being wonderfully well written there are two major things going for it - it is narrated by the author herself (always a bonus) and you get to hear snatches of Jan…

snoopy56 9 yrs ago
I'm just coming to the end of Country Driving by Peter Hessler which is a journalist's account of living in and travelling around modern day China. With the ability to speak Mandarin, a journalist's instinctive curiosity…

snoopy56 9 yrs ago
DATE: Saturday 13th October PLACE: King of Hearts cafe, 7-9 Fye Bridge st, Norwich TIME: 11am

snoopy56 9 yrs ago
I' m currently reading 'Orlando' and loving it. I've previously read 'Mrs Dalloway' and 'To the Lighthouse'. I don't consider myself to be a particularly literary person but I really enjoy her style. In Mrs Dalloway I re…

snoopy56 9 yrs ago
I recently finished listening to 'Caleb's Crossing'. I thought it was quite slow and was unsure about the narrator - she seemed to be using a Puritan New England accent which fits in with the story but was slightly awkwa…

snoopy56 9 yrs ago
That was one of my favourite books ever as well. In fact, Larry McMurtry is one of my favourite authors. I loved 'Buffalo Girls' and 'Anything for Billy'. The first one based on Calamity Jane and the second on Billy the …

snoopy56 9 yrs ago
Really enjoying listening to this account by Paula Mclain of Ernest Hemingway's time in Paris as seen through the eyes of his wife Hadley. It fits in very well with Hemingway's own writings in 'A Moveable Feast' which wa…

snoopy56 9 yrs ago
Next meet up is Saturday July 14th at the King of Hearts cafe, corner of Magdelen street and Fishergate, 11am. If it's a nice day (we live in hope !) and you don't spot us inside checkout the courtyard area.

snoopy56 9 yrs ago
Next meet up is next Saturday at the King of Hearts cafe, corner of Magdelen street and Fishergate, 11am. If it's a nice day and you don't spot us inside checkout the courtyard area

snoopy56 10 yrs ago
Saturday 12th May 11 o'clock. King of Hearts cafe - corner of Magdalen street and Fishergate.

snoopy56 10 yrs ago | 1 replies
I would really like to start some book-crossing meet-ups in the Norwich area. I know from the release alerts that there are a few active book-crossers out there so please pm or e-mail me if you are interested. It would b…

snoopy56 12 yrs ago
I am currently reading the book. It is seriously weird and in some ways quite frightening. I was put off seeing the film because of the reviews but now I'm quite keen to watch it. When I've finished the book I will be se…

snoopy56 12 yrs ago | 1 replies
I saw the film recently and quite enjoyed. I expect the book is better as they usually are but if you are looking for some light-hearted entertainment you could do worse.

snoopy56 12 yrs ago | 1 replies
I have started a UK ring for this book. So far there are two participants. If you are interested please PM me.

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