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wingshnedwardswing 2 days ago
I’m reading A Dark Matter by Doug Johnstone, an author who is new to me. It’s the first in a series of crime novels featuring the Skelfs, a family of funeral directors. The title didn’t affect my choice but the publisher…

wingshnedwardswing 1 wk ago
Your lovely advent calendar arrived in time! Thanks for all the great recommendations. I will have fun trying them out :)

wingshnedwardswing 1 wk ago | 1 replies
I’ve finished Real Tigers by Mick Herron and have gone straight on to the next book in the series, Spook Street. It’s set in the very recent past, maybe 2017? (Edited to add: no, definitely pre-Brexit, more like 2015.) …

wingshnedwardswing 2 wks ago
Real Tigers by Mick Herron, the third in the Slough House series of spy thrillers. It's off to a cracking start: one of the team has been kidnapped.

wingshnedwardswing 4 wks ago | 2 replies
Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature a couple of years ago. I liked it immediately: I'm really enjoying the narrator's voice.

wingshnedwardswing 1 mo ago
in the event of having to be removed by an ambulance in the Night. Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk (There’s actually a couple of lines from a poem before this but I liked the first line…

wingshnedwardswing 1 mo ago
This was kindly sent to me by Bookworm-lady, who tagged me in Wishlist Tag, but I can’t remember why I put it on my wishlist. It must have been recommended to me by somebody but I don’t know who! I’m three chapters in …

wingshnedwardswing 1 mo ago | 1 replies
for my fun postcards and my first Christmas card of the year :D

wingshnedwardswing 1 mo ago
I tag echode with this: I have loads of books to read already, and more to come for birthday and Christmas, so please tag it forward :)

wingshnedwardswing 1 mo ago
Rotherweird by Andrew Caldecott. The title definitely influenced my decision because I was in the mood for something a bit weird lol. I've also started The Peacock by Isabel Bogdan. It's a farce set in a Scottish statel…

wingshnedwardswing 1 mo ago
from The Peacock by Isabel Bogdan.

wingshnedwardswing 1 mo ago
published in 2017. I’ve only just started it, knowing nothing about it, and I’m finding it nicely odd so far.

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