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sabeena29 14 yrs ago
Please pm if interested with your location and shipping preferences

sabeena29 14 yrs ago | 4 replies
randomelement, megan2112, hawaii-bookworm, dusties, spuddossis, chubsiewhubsie my tbr pile is overflowing so I am sending out a few extra rabcks - I was able to find everyone's address on enjoy!!

sabeena29 14 yrs ago | 1 replies
and I've been keeping my eye on a few profiles recently- another clue that someone might be a scammer is that they change their profile name or have multiple profiles.

sabeena29 14 yrs ago | 23 replies
I will send a rabck from my available books to 3 random bookcrossers. If interested, post here with the book you'd like to receive. US only please- thanks to the United States Postal rates sorry to all the internationa…

sabeena29 14 yrs ago | 12 replies
please post here and pm me with your location and shipping preferences- thanks!

sabeena29 14 yrs ago | 4 replies
Can be international depending on participant's shipping preferences- Please pm with interest and preferences- would like to send it out in the next two weeks- thanks!

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