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mazda502001 10 yrs ago
Thank you so much - I knew it had to be simple but couldnt work it out. Barbra

mazda502001 10 yrs ago | 2 replies
Can someone please help me. If I want to find a book on mine on my bookshelf quickly, instead of trolling through every page how do I just search for one book to see if I have it on my bookshelf. Can't seem to figure o…

mazda502001 11 yrs ago
If they're The Secret Shopper's Revenge, and Manitou Blood... then I can see them fine, and you may need to adjust the sort options when you view your shelf.
Many thanks Moem - they seem to ha…

mazda502001 11 yrs ago
Yesterday and today I entered two books onto my Bookshelf but they are not appearing. Can anyone help me as why this is please? Thanks, mazda502001
These have miraculously appeared in my Bo…

mazda502001 11 yrs ago | 3 replies
Yesterday and today I entered two books onto my Bookshelf but they are not appearing. Can anyone help me as why this is please? Thanks, mazda502001

mazda502001 18 yrs ago | 1 replies
I am looking for the following books please. If anyone can help and would like to swap or trade I will be more than happy to do so. Faye Kellerman - Moon Music - Serpent's Tooth Stephen King - …

mazda502001 19 yrs ago
Hi Lucy, This is Barbra who introduced you to Bookcrossing and I send you a huge great welcome here. I already know you enjoy bookcrossing so here's hoping you get many catches. So glad you posted your introduction. …

mazda502001 19 yrs ago | 1 replies
And the whole of Kent - the UK seems to be disappearing off the map LOL

mazda502001 19 yrs ago
Hi swan-scot - unfortunately I think we both agree to this stiff upper lip attitude of Brits - not wanting to get involved, ignore it and it may go away. I'm so pleased for you that at least you have had some catches. …

mazda502001 19 yrs ago | 2 replies
Hello minstrelcat. Just a quick hello from a fellow bookcrosser from Ashford, Kent. I have released 13 books here in Ashford but had no-one catch one yet. I know the books have gone but, for whatever reason, they have…

mazda502001 19 yrs ago
Thanks daidy. I knew it would be simple but just didnt think to look in their profile - duh! So easy when you know how.

mazda502001 19 yrs ago | 2 replies
This may sound a bit thick but how do you insert your friends on to your friends list. I cant figure out how to do it and want to put two people on to the list. Its probably staring me in the face but........

mazda502001 19 yrs ago
Best of luck shoegal. I hope you get a reply from whoever your author is. I have never had a negative reply, they have been really nice letter. Go for it!!! mazda502001

mazda502001 19 yrs ago | 4 replies
I tend to write to them if I have really enjoyed one of their books and tell them how much I enjoyed it, etc. If I have bought any more of their books I tell them. When I wrote to Jeffrey Deaver I questioned the fact t…

mazda502001 19 yrs ago | 7 replies
Just had to tell everyone how excited I was today. Had a really nice letter from Jeffrey Deaver after I wrote to him and told him how much I enjoyed the Lincoln Rhyme books. I do think its nice when authors take the ti…

mazda502001 19 yrs ago
I am looking for The Petunia Coloured Coat and other stories by Elaine Crowley. Do you have this book that needs a good home? If so, please email me at:

mazda502001 19 yrs ago
The following two books are up for grabs before I release them - I will be setting them off into the wild blue yonder within the next couple of days if I don't hear from anyone. Secrecy - Belva Plain The Daffodil Sea…

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