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mafarrimond 9 yrs ago | 1 replies
As many of you know, I have MS. I have been in and out of hospital (due back in again on Monday). I apologise for any hold ups and inconvenences I have caused. Any books have received are safe and I will post any due o…

mafarrimond 10 yrs ago
Hi, I wasnt ignoring your pm received Wednesday 7th March. I just wanted to double check my tbr pile first before I replied and today is the first chance i had. I read the book very quickly as it was one I was keen t…

mafarrimond 10 yrs ago
I would like to read any of these. Thanks for the opportunity.

mafarrimond 10 yrs ago | 1 replies
I am in the uk and will post anywhere

mafarrimond 10 yrs ago
Books arrived on the same day although they seem to have been posted on different dates! I will get reading!

mafarrimond 10 yrs ago
For the book "Diary of a bad year". I am thrilled!! I have wanted to read this for some time. Thanks also for the notebook - it will come in very useful.

mafarrimond 10 yrs ago
For you so much for the wishlist book The Northern Clemency and assorted christmas goodies. A lovely surprise, thank you.

mafarrimond 10 yrs ago
For the two Iris Murdoch books, a lovely warm knitted hat and some christmas chocolates - lovely!

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