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lellie 1 yr ago
I often leave books in your telephone boxes. Are they all open again ?

lellie 1 yr ago
Thanks. I registered a couple after the glitch and they were fine. I've got a couple more to do so I'll recycle the BCID's.

lellie 1 yr ago | 4 replies
I have just registered a book with no difficulties but it has popped up on my shelf three times with three different BCID's. Any ideas ?

lellie 2 yrs ago | 1 replies
Tried to register History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund. Nothing. Have not been able to register anything for more than a week

lellie 2 yrs ago | 2 replies
Not working here for me for several days. I could give you a list of the books, but as nothing I try works then I don’t see how it would help.

lellie 5 yrs ago
I judge that books have not been read when they are passed on from someone's TBR shelf with a journal entry saying that they are having a cull and moving on books that haven't been read. I have had a surprising amount of…

lellie 5 yrs ago | 1 replies
As I said I haven't been on the forums for a while and I'd forgotten what a pleasure it is to engage. My tbr shelf is perilously close to being out of control but there are no books there from other bookcrosser at the m…

lellie 5 yrs ago | 5 replies
Oh no, I'm reading plenty, more than ever since I retired . It's the fact that books I have sent out seem to be on an endless journey around the world without anyone ever reading them. Are we readers or just shippers of …

lellie 5 yrs ago | 37 replies
I haven't been on the forums for ages and although I still release books I'm not very active on the site nowadays. When I realised that I was spending more time on the internet than I was reading I thought I ought to giv…

lellie 5 yrs ago
Saw it last night. Brilliant cast. Toby Jones in particular was wonderful. Don't compare them to the old cast, it's so pointless.Enjoy it for what it is.

lellie 6 yrs ago | 11 replies
Oh I so wish for this. I don't want to fiddle about with re using BCID or altering registration dates. A simple delete button to correct a mistake should be simple enough surely.

lellie 10 yrs ago
Thanks everyone for particpating and for your good wishes. The last two books were posted a couple of days ago, so I did manage to get them out before my holiday and everyone should have or will be having their choice. …

lellie 10 yrs ago
No entry, just want to say Happy Anniversary. I've been here 8 years today!

lellie 10 yrs ago
Thanks everyone for participating and helping me to unload some of my crowded bookshelves. I will be sending to everyone who participated and have PM'd for addresses. If you think that I have missed you out then please g…

lellie 10 yrs ago | 19 replies
So far I am sending books to yorkshire-lass, saskiasosmile and wibba. I MUST get rid of some availables, they're taking over so I'm extending this offer to EU although UK bookcrossers are still welcome. Post here w…

lellie 10 yrs ago
If I'm one of eight I'll add book later. Hope you have many more years of BC'ing and friends
You're one of the eight wibba. PM your address and let me know what you would like.

lellie 10 yrs ago
Sounds good, that a bookcrosser has been enyoing it for 8 years! Wishing you many more years of bookcrossing pleasure. may I enter your rabck for 'A room swept white' please?
It's yours, j…

lellie 10 yrs ago
I would like to enter for either Indelible or Genesis by Karin Slaughter, thanks for the RABCK.
Send me your address and one or the other will be mailed to you asap.

lellie 10 yrs ago | 13 replies
Hello everyone, I haven't been around on the forums much since the changeover aggravation last year, but I still register all my books and I as I am coming up to my 8th BC birthday I thought it must be time for a RABCK. …

lellie 10 yrs ago | 1 replies
I worked around it by changing the town I live in on my profile to the town I wanted to release in.
Exactly what I did and it is utterly infuriating. I hardly come to this website anymore do…

lellie 10 yrs ago
I don't visit the site very often these days (my activity went way down after last summer's beta release messed up quite a few things) but I came here today to release a book and decided to poke around in t…

lellie 10 yrs ago
I don't mind seeing the bookcovers on my profile although they do take up space and serve no useful purpose, but why don't they just re name this facility? It is not Recent Book Activity. It is Most Recently Registered.…

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