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wingkiwiinenglandwing 1 wk ago
[[The Good Women of China by Xinran]] This book sounded familiar, I am I delighted we have read the same book (based on journal entries)

wingkiwiinenglandwing 1 wk ago | 1 replies
[[Great stuff! Participant or Send only?]] Participate please

wingkiwiinenglandwing 1 wk ago
This is the first book in a trilogy, about children being raised in a religious cult in New Zealand.

wingkiwiinenglandwing 1 wk ago
Brilliant - one that fitted the theme! ‘Twas but an average murder mystery, could have done with a good edit.

wingkiwiinenglandwing 1 wk ago | 3 replies
[[ I have found that I'm unable to enjoy (and therefore don't bother to watch) movies starring certain actors, due to their holding political or social positions that are deeply antithetical to mine. ]] Elisabeth Moss …

wingkiwiinenglandwing 1 wk ago
[[[[The objected-to coauthor is Hillary Rodham Clinton, writing with Louise Penny.]] To answer your question, for all sorts of political reasons I wouldn't dream of reading anything by Jeffrey Archer, wouldn't want him …

wingkiwiinenglandwing 2 wks ago | 4 replies
[[ But should not Armenia be counted for Europe? ]] Yes, yes it should.

wingkiwiinenglandwing 2 wks ago
[[[[ Would it be possible to list the countries and USA states that have already been covered. It might give people who live in non-covered states a wee nudge. ]] Kiwi- should I include you on the list?]] Great list!…

wingkiwiinenglandwing 2 wks ago An okay murder/thriller set within the British army concerning an abandoned baby and numerous suicides of young recruits. Editing and assumptions that the reader couldn’…

wingkiwiinenglandwing 2 wks ago | 1 replies A classic book for YA’s (although I hadn’t heard of it), a 14 year old is left with her mother’s religious relatives - relatives she didn’t know existed and who are member…

wingkiwiinenglandwing 2 wks ago | 4 replies
Would it be possible to list the countries and USA states that have already been covered. It might give people who live in non-covered states a wee nudge.

wingkiwiinenglandwing 2 wks ago
That sounds like a statistical lesson on “while the probability of occurrence is close to zero, it is still possible”.

wingkiwiinenglandwing 2 wks ago | 1 replies
[[*whistles innocently, looks at the sky*]] *closes my eyes and puts my fingers in my ears*

wingkiwiinenglandwing 3 wks ago A violent story about a group of powerful men who have converted their adolescent idealisation of “the clockwork orange” into hunting rare animals. This is the second sto…

wingkiwiinenglandwing 3 wks ago | 83 replies
For over a decade this has been an interesting reading challenge for many on BookCrossing, and has seen people read outside their comfort zone and find some treasures along the way. Feel free to join at any point during …

wingkiwiinenglandwing 3 wks ago | 1 replies
I hope everyone who has taken part in this reading challenge has enjoyed it. Congratulations to those who completed the (in my opinion) epic challenge. Well done to those who stepped outside their reading norm and di…

wingkiwiinenglandwing 2 mos ago
Thank you very much for the guy Fawkes day parcel, including the very apt book - Bonfire Night by Julian Robert Breeds. Thank you also for the tea bags, mega mackintosh…

wingkiwiinenglandwing 2 mos ago
[[2 wishlist books arrived separately marked Halloween Exchange. The Frozen Shroud The Hanging Wood I don't know who they're from but thank you whoever you are. ]] Ah, that was from me for the 5th November exchange.…

wingkiwiinenglandwing 2 mos ago | 1 replies
Pondering on leaving it until the big day, will see how my resolve stands. Thank you abi-gibby for organising this and sending me a parcel

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