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wingherchellewing 7 hrs ago
Today is the day that I am putting together parcels for the post office. I am so excited to see who gets the the first ornament!

wingherchellewing 3 days ago | 1 replies
Hey Bookcrossing friends! I have THREE old Calendars on the wall in front of me, here in the MamaCave. The first is a 2020 Group of Seven, from the Art Galley of Ontario. The second is the 2019 MERB'YS Calendar, and I h…

wingherchellewing 3 days ago | 2 replies
Happy Holidays and thank you for joining this exchange! I always enjoy this annual exchange and I do apologize for taking a long time to send out your Ornament Partner, but here I go. I think that the older that I ge…

wingherchellewing 1 wk ago | 4 replies
Covert - USA Wombles - Australia elis-fromSweden - Sweden Bookgirrl - Canada chawoso - Germany lizzyblack - Ireland Anuta1999 - Russia heartthumper - USA LittleSuz - UK oraetlabora - Germany BigKat - USA ro…

wingherchellewing 1 wk ago
I will tie myself to my laptop and mail out everyone’s partners this weekend. Watch your mailboxes and thanks again for joining in this annual exchange.

wingherchellewing 1 wk ago | 1 replies
Have you ever been on a Hot Air Balloon?

wingherchellewing 2 wks ago | 1 replies
Nothing yet, 😊

wingherchellewing 2 wks ago | 2 replies
Thinking about you, Bookcrossing friend. I still use my laminated book mark. It’s ornament exchange time! Call home 😂❤️

wingherchellewing 2 wks ago | 1 replies
Greetings my dear Bookcrossing friends! I am just popping in to say Hi Hi Hi and to invite you to the Ornament Exchange. Always a good time and the more the merrier, latecomers are always welcome! Herchelle in Canada …

wingherchellewing 2 wks ago | 5 replies
Thank you to Covert for posting about this exchange. If you haven’t heard about this exchange, here you go. The more the merrier and late comers are all welcome! Looking forward to your email! Happy Bookcrossing, dear…

wingherchellewing 2 wks ago
Have you heard about our annual Bookcrossing Ornament exchange? The more the merrier, hope to hear from you soon! Herchelle

wingherchellewing 3 wks ago
The more the merrier, please help to spread the word about this exchange!! Happy Holidays everyone!

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