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freelisa 17 yrs ago | 13 replies
Normally, 3yn20h9a corrects my pronunciation via telephone. But this one hasn't come up....write it phonetically please. I rarely have the opportunity to discuss what I read verbally, so my pronunciations are just 'in …

freelisa 17 yrs ago | 2 replies
I just joined myself and am learning the site. My sister 3yn20h9a referred me. It seems that this site is from all over the world, which is cool. I'm in Dallas, TX USA, but used to live in Upper Heyford, near the Cots…

freelisa 17 yrs ago
The trick to getting a cat to be the pet of your dreams is to get the kitten before it's eyes are open and hand feeding it with a bottle (I used a syringe). When 'my baby' opened it's eyes and saw me, I 'was' it's mothe…

freelisa 17 yrs ago
"The Explosive Story of Genetic Cloning and the Ancient Bloodline of Jesus" by Laurence Gardner. So far, so facinating. freelisa

freelisa 17 yrs ago | 13 replies
Hi there. Coppell is just NW of Dallas. I heard from my sister 3yn20h9a, that she loves this place and recommended that I join. freelisa

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