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debnance 1 wk ago | 1 replies
Quite a nice box of lovely books! I'm browsing now...

debnance 1 wk ago | 1 replies
If it's not too late...I'm in Texas...

debnance 1 mo ago
It arrived Saturday. I've spent some time with it, and now I've readied it for tabby-cat-owner. I'll PM tabby-cat-owner to get an address and mail it off soon.

debnance 1 mo ago
I sent this off to IMissBookIt in Indiana yesterday. I took eight books and replaced these with eight books of my own. The tracking # is 9549 0111 5516 3107 6032 90

debnance 1 mo ago
I will look through the box in the next few days, and I will plan to pass it on next week.

debnance 4 mos ago | 1 replies
This box is on its way to haahaahaa98 in Massachusetts. The tracking # is 9549 0111 5516 3020 5643 71. It is expected to arrive next Thursday 1/26/2023.

debnance 7 mos ago
I've received this bookbox and I'm mulling over what to choose and what to send on...rhythmbiscuit will be up next...

debnance 7 mos ago | 1 replies
I'd also love to join in!

debnance 1 yr ago
I mailed this box off to Chicvolley99 a few minutes ago. The tracking number is 9549 0111 5517 2119 6056 73. Delivery date is estimated to be on Wednesday, May 4.

debnance 1 yr ago | 1 replies
This is a big box. Whew. And it's a heavy box. It's filled with lots of great books. Unfortunately, I do not seem to have any Biographies of Things books ready to mail out, so I shall have to keep this one for a week …

debnance 1 yr ago
Yes, My Armchair Travels to Italy box has arrived! It's quite delightful. I've been looking through it for a few days, and I'm now preparing it for departure. I will take out: The Roman by Mika Waltari Vroom with a …

debnance 1 yr ago
I've chosen: Books: A Memoir by Larry McMurtry Eats, Shoots, & Leaves The Uncommon Reader Crossing to Safety Open a World of Possible: Real Stories About the Joy and Power of Reading I'm putting in: The Bookshop…

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