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cat207 2 yrs ago
Me, and maybe my daughter if that’s ok. 😺

cat207 4 yrs ago
So great to catch up with friends from all around the world. See you all at the Gold Coast Convention in 2020. 😺

cat207 4 yrs ago
I just made a payment through PayPal of €120 for 2 x wine tasting bus trip and 2 x Basements tour for me (cat207) and SforSuperman. Sorry for the delay. 😺

cat207 5 yrs ago
[[I'll be at the Mediterranean, arriving Thursday, leaving Monday. Does Uber operate in Darwin?]] Doesn't look like it.…

cat207 5 yrs ago | 3 replies
PM sent on Wednesday. Glenn and I are staying at the Palms City Resort on the Esplanade. I'm also looking forward to some warmer weather. After 4 'winters' in Gladstone, it's been a rude shock to be back in Newy!

cat207 6 yrs ago
Booked my flights today 14/07 - 20/07. Just got to find accommodation.

cat207 6 yrs ago
After a bus, a plane, two trains, and a car, I've just arrived back in Newcastle. Thank you to the brilliant organisers. It's been a great weekend with wonderful people. Can't wait to do it all again. 😺

cat207 6 yrs ago | 2 replies
My travel buddy has decided not to come to Auckland so before I go ahead and make changes to flights and accommodation, I thought I'd throw it open for suggestions. I currently am booked to arrive on QF145 at 17:40 on…

cat207 6 yrs ago
[[Hope that some still remember me ;-)]] Who could forget you? Great to see you back!

cat207 6 yrs ago | 4 replies
Booked my flights last night. Arriving in Auckland 12th - departing 23rd. Still deciding on accommodation as Rydges is not available for all convention nights.

cat207 7 yrs ago
You've done it again to me too, Pete. You have such a way with words! No matter what I face when I get home, I too will have the most wonderful memories of my time in Oxford. The convention team here certainly did an ou…

cat207 7 yrs ago
I'm not going to make it back for the gossips tour at 14:00 today. Could someone please let MissMarkey know so she's not waiting for me? Thank you.

cat207 7 yrs ago | 4 replies
[[I'm meeting over-the-moon at the porters lodge at St Hilda's at 7.30ish if you wanted to join us ]] Thank you. Where's the porters lodge? Where are you going for dinner?

cat207 7 yrs ago | 6 replies
Any plans for dinner tonight? I'm Heading to the Port Mahon at about 18:00 unless I hear of anything else.

cat207 7 yrs ago
[[There was talk of Thai maybe but don't know where everyone is. ]] I'm wandering the streets. Happy to meet up for dinner, and happy to take suggestions.

cat207 7 yrs ago | 1 replies
I'm here. Heading out for a late lunch. Where is everyone?

cat207 7 yrs ago
[[My bag just got delivered to my hotel :-) I had a really nice day in Reading, walking walking walking in the sun ... And in the evening a bit of Shopping ... Now I am enjoying seafood right next to the River. …

cat207 7 yrs ago
[[ Sitting at Johannesburg on my way to London in an hour. Excited but feeling a little uncertain as I have just put Andrew on a plane back to Australia. He is well, but had some tests before we came away which showed a …

cat207 7 yrs ago
[[ Will there be cats? ]] I can guarantee at least one!

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