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bookowl1000 9 yrs ago | 1 replies
I have chosen: 3. She wanted only to sleep. 9. The desire to know the future gnaws at our bones. to be replaced with A girl came out of lawyer Royall's house, at the end of the one street of North Dormer, an…

bookowl1000 9 yrs ago
My choices: 4. The riot lost momentum as news of the butchery spread throughout the estate. 5. There is in Lesbos a large and beautiful city called Mytilene. replacements: 1. there are times when example is …

bookowl1000 10 yrs ago | 5 replies
I have some 1001 library books that are gathering dust on my bookshelf. I would rather see them moving on to other library members, especially as they are well travelled. This is only open to library members. Check…

bookowl1000 10 yrs ago
There are several people interested and I will get the book moving soon (I have been travelling for the last 3 weeks). Thanks for the suggestion perryfan...I have sent out some messages. Ray still open

bookowl1000 10 yrs ago
Is still available...anyone else interested?

bookowl1000 10 yrs ago | 6 replies
Have just realised that after reading this book I put it back on my shelf and forgot about it. It is time to find it a new home so I am offering it as a ray. book dimens…

bookowl1000 10 yrs ago
..the Chinese post office is a law unto itself. First sentence: "The afternoon Marnie came to Torcurra, the villaers were whipping the deveils out of a mad boy" The Raging Quiet by Sherryl Jordan I am definitely i…

bookowl1000 10 yrs ago me they add to the story of the book. I have often held a second hand book in my hand and wondered how it got from the hands of that person, maybe 60 years ago, to my hands. That is why I like bookcrossing..…

bookowl1000 10 yrs ago
The White Woman on the Green Bicycle by Monique Roffey. Looks like a fascinating book. I like books that follow characters over a long time span. First sentence: "They took hm to the top of Paramin Hill".

bookowl1000 10 yrs ago
I choose: 3. The afternoon Marnie came to Torcurra, the villagers were whipping the devils out of a mad boy. 7. They took him for the top of Paramin Hill. and replace with 3. As usual, at five o'clock that m…

bookowl1000 10 yrs ago
always lots of fun...I am going to have to get reading some appropriately sized books quick!

bookowl1000 10 yrs ago
I do not mind unsolicited emails if there is a purpose to them and they are from someone with a bookcrossing history ..though I would never give someone my email address in such strange circumstances

bookowl1000 10 yrs ago | 15 replies
I have received the following unsolicited private message: Hello Dear my name is xxxxxxxxx it is my pleasure to write you after viewing your profile here which really impressed me in having communication with you,…

bookowl1000 11 yrs ago
Post from China is somewhat unpredictable so no telling how long they will take. A card to the US once took a week, while once a postcard i sent to my mum in the UK took 6 weeks to arrive....unpredictable.

bookowl1000 11 yrs ago
I have chosen 3 winners (salvami, chamonix44, herchelle) and sent pm's. Sorry I could not include everyone. Keep an eye out for other chances in the future.

bookowl1000 11 yrs ago
I also discovered though bookcrossing. I love it. Living in China is certainly not boring. I am lucky that I have a job that enables me to live somewhere else in the world. It has meant I am now a…

bookowl1000 11 yrs ago
I have had great fun choosing. I don't necessarily think that it is true that books still being on the list means there is no interest. There were several books that interested me but I limited myself to one choice th…

bookowl1000 11 yrs ago | 16 replies
Since moving to China I have not done many book RABCKS due to the cost of postage. Then I thought why not send some postcards. I am off to the post office next weekend and will send 3 postcards to bokcrossers at the same…

bookowl1000 11 yrs ago
In Genevieve's dream, the old woman lunged up the stairs, hands clutching like claws from beneath her ragtag robe. Singer of The Sea by Sheri S Tepper 'Strewth', exclaimed Jack Collins, 'That dog's a stinker! Red …

bookowl1000 11 yrs ago
the book seemed kind of ridiculous, while the film was so charming. Another adaptation I thought was fantastic was Big Fish. It is a fantasy adventure about a travelling salesman who is an amazing storyteller...the mo…

bookowl1000 11 yrs ago | 1 replies
I am in China and will post international thanks

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