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WittySquirrel 13 yrs ago | 1 replies
I'm terribly sorry to have noticed this after 7 months! I didn't receive any PMs from you. Can you provide a journal link to the book? I might've forgotten about the bookring.

WittySquirrel 14 yrs ago
Hi Alannia! We've got a Malaysian BookCrossing group over at Yahoo groups, mind joining us over there? :D

WittySquirrel 16 yrs ago | 1 replies
Same here... I forgot where's the the "post here when you see that you've been winged" thread located... But still, thanks to the person who gave me wings! :D

WittySquirrel 16 yrs ago
Same here, I'd rather freeze myself while reading the book... xD But anyway, RIP little book... =(

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago | 1 replies
Could someone please help expand the article? =)

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago | 1 replies
You know who to contact in case of BookCrossing related questions! =D

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago
Don't get me wrong here, I'm supporting this petition but but online ones aren't effective as real paper and ink petitons. See here:…

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago | 1 replies
Perhaps we should pass a book or two to her to kill time? XP

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago
I've always thinked that the organisers should include Bookcrossing in the race! XD Travelling around the world leaving books everywhere is now at the top spot of my "100 things to do before I die" list... hehehe... B…

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago
It took 13 days for a book to reach Malaysia from Georgia, USA (air mail) and 2 months and 2 weeks for another one from Mississippi! (surface mail, both spent some time at customs. Btw, thanks to Meshe and Senorag for th…

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago | 1 replies XD

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago
"Clicking this link will show or hide the extended member profile section (which can be quite long), and your preference will stick with a cookie" Found above the one in the original post... I found it funny... and th…

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago
I'd just like to mention that the first 2 are Malay dalies and the next 2 are in English... =) Others: (independent internet daily) These 3 are local Chin…

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago | 2 replies
...but the owner did credited Bookcrossing for the idea... :) [Apologies if it's in the wrong forum, I don't know where else to put it... ^^;;] The site is and it's based in Taiwan. My profi…

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago
Found it!

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago Site with plenty of TV ads... :)

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago Kyros Kebab OBCZ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Pic of bookshelf, it's quite sma…

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago
>"An private offer has already been made for the piece, so the reserve is set accordingly."

WittySquirrel 17 yrs ago
I'm guessing that she's got some problems or has gone overseas... Anyway, that's my guess, I don't know anything else...

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