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WildSeaKitten 16 yrs ago
we spent the night in Salliway - Oklahoma, Amarillo - Texas, Denver - Colorado (we were in Denver 5 nights), Fort Collins - Colorado, Rapid City - South Dakota (we were in Rapid City 4 nights), Rock Port - Missouri. …

WildSeaKitten 16 yrs ago | 2 replies
I met the challenge... probably faster than anyone here will. :) I released 106 books in 53 towns in 14 states in 14 days. :) and this does NOT include releasing books in my own area. Hubby and I went on vacatio…

WildSeaKitten 16 yrs ago | 3 replies
I think I can manage to do this. and probably even get most of them released in the next month. we are traveling to 14 states in 2 weeks, and then the very next weekend I'm traveling to 2 more states. lots of towns to…

WildSeaKitten 17 yrs ago
but I'll at least be at the meeting in September when the winner is drawn, and will add something to the goody bag. :)

WildSeaKitten 17 yrs ago
once again every book in my house is registered. :) at least until I buy some more. :)

WildSeaKitten 17 yrs ago
had to go buy some more, cause I was all out of books to register. LOL :)

WildSeaKitten 17 yrs ago
I think that's pretty much EVERY book in my house now registered. :) edited the title to update for the 2 books I found today and registered.

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