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Twynnie 11 yrs ago | 1 replies
For a lovely package with labels,a card and a cute ornament! It was a really nice surprise :)

Twynnie 12 yrs ago | 6 replies
For the lovely cross stitch patterns, I'm looking forward to trying them out!

Twynnie 12 yrs ago
Two beautifully wrapped parcels, thank you whoever you are :) I will be saving them until the day, or slightly after as I'm probably going to be at my parents the day itself. I haven't sent mine yet, but I have the bo…

Twynnie 12 yrs ago
I received my package last week - and I finally gave in and opened it today. I found a lovely book ('The Queen of Subtleties' by Suzannah Dunn) which has been on my wishlist a while, a cute card and a bar of very excitin…

Twynnie 12 yrs ago | 4 replies
For the book smooch, it was really nice of you to think of me! Now I just need to decide what to 'spend' it on...

Twynnie 12 yrs ago | 6 replies
For the cute cross stitch kit, chocolate and postcard! I think the kit will look really nice on my tree once I have found the time to complete it. My partner is thrilled with the chocolate too, we are going to share it a…

Twynnie 12 yrs ago | 7 replies
For the postcard of your hometown, it looks really pretty! I hope you find lots of time to curl up and read good fun books as you're description of it sounds so cosy.

Twynnie 12 yrs ago | 1 replies
and I already see several wishes I can fulfil! Here is my list: - Pretty jewellery or hairclips, hairbands of any sort- especially if they are handmade - Anything from the bc store or homemade labels - wings - Chr…

Twynnie 12 yrs ago
You should all have received a PM - if anyone didn't please let me know!

Twynnie 12 yrs ago
please can you PM me as I need your address before I can enter you. Thanks!

Twynnie 12 yrs ago | 30 replies
As I was lucky enough to win the November/December Smile Day RABCK (and thanks again for all the lovely books) it is my turn to host the next one so someone else will be equally lucky! Here's how it works (copied from…

Twynnie 12 yrs ago
For the really cute Christmas card!It did arrive before Christmas, but it wasn't until I was taking down all my cards today that I realised I hadn't thanked you for it!

Twynnie 12 yrs ago
Thank you Vekiki for 'The War at Troy' by Lindsay Clarke. Looks like good solid historical fiction :)

Twynnie 12 yrs ago
I'm really glad you liked it, I had fun making it!

Twynnie 12 yrs ago
Loey's partner posted her ornament on the 20th of October in the UK. We still have surface mail so it's possible it was sent that way and that is why it is slow, if it went airmail it looks like it is well and truly lost…

Twynnie 12 yrs ago
Thank you so much to all of you and sorry for taking so long to journal all these I have been a bit busy with Christmas panicing... Here is the list of all my latest prizes: The Marriage Bureau for Rich People by Far…

Twynnie 13 yrs ago | 1 replies
Murderers I Have Known: And Other Stories by Marina Warner from OpheliaPhillips - Interesting looking short stories, looks good to dip into! Digging to America by Anne Tyler from Kinedi - an author I've been meanin…

Twynnie 13 yrs ago | 5 replies
I got one book on Thursday, didn't have a chance to journal it and I was mystified about what it was for...then I had a day off work yesterday and received 8 books all at once which certainly made me smile! Thank you so …

Twynnie 13 yrs ago
For the beautiful homemade bookstring, the hockey card and headbands!

Twynnie 13 yrs ago | 2 replies
...for the wishlist book and lovely card! I'm really looking forward to reading it, thank you for being so generous!

Twynnie 13 yrs ago | 3 replies
The holiday card/bookmark is so cute!I love the beads too, now I just have to decide whether to make a necklace or two sets of earrings with them...

Twynnie 13 yrs ago | 1 replies
for the very pretty necklace and the bookmarks!

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