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wingThanksMomwing 3 mos ago
I appreciate your patience. We meet with doctors on 20th to review MRI and other tests, my husband may not have just flaked out and forgotten the mail.

wingThanksMomwing 4 mos ago | 2 replies
I am glad I got the patches out in regular envelopes. Sorry I didn't get the book mailed as intended. I am not doing real well, can't stand long enough to get my turn at the post office window. Family who promise to h…

wingThanksMomwing 5 mos ago
Solving murder mysteries with a smart and tough crew (Citizen K-9).

wingThanksMomwing 5 mos ago | 3 replies
Hi US and Canada! If you look at my current profile picture you can see the Bookcrossing patch I created. It is available in the Supply Store. I have a few that didn't fit into the shipping box and I can send you one…

wingThanksMomwing 6 mos ago
I can only imagine your shock and pain of this unexpected loss.

wingThanksMomwing 6 mos ago | 2 replies
I just get an error message "this site can't be reached" with a suggestion to check spelling

wingThanksMomwing 6 mos ago
[[It'll be 20 years for me this year. It's still my favorite hobby. :)]] Me and Mrs. Mrs Jones... Sorry, could not resist. 20 years for me come November

wingThanksMomwing 6 mos ago | 2 replies
Not only did my mom support my reading habit but she had been a seamstress raising 5 kids as a single parent. I do Bookcrossing Team Kiva loans to seamstresses in her honor.

wingThanksMomwing 6 mos ago
I sent 3 giant mailbags of books, in English, to a teacher in South Korea so there may be Bookcrossing stickers where you don't expect them. As a child I had a pen friend from South Korea, too. Someday I will visit.

wingThanksMomwing 6 mos ago | 9 replies
I have a grandson now, 7 months old. My daughter was hoping for a list of favorite kid books to start collecting. She has some from her childhood and has received others as gifts but what is your top recommend?

wingThanksMomwing 7 mos ago
You may want to add an extended message, including the blog link, to your profile. Will you be registering/releasing the books that you blog about? Bookcrossing tracks the travels of physical books, but we do enjoy discu…

wingThanksMomwing 1 yr ago | 2 replies
Depending on which direction you approach the town, at the edge of Hagerman, Idaho, is an auto repair place. We already knew the owner didn't know the difference between OUR and ARE from a past sign telling folks to "Che…

wingThanksMomwing 1 yr ago | 2 replies
My mom was a professional seamstress so lots of sewing going on. I got to play with the scraps. I have no talent in clothing production, but do well with crafting. Baby quilts made from old worn baby onesies are a favori…

wingThanksMomwing 1 yr ago
I retired in August. I am plotting world domination, or at least world travel, once COVID slinks away.

wingThanksMomwing 1 yr ago | 5 replies
Anyone still collect cloth patches? I did them years ago and am considering it again. I use a bookish quote, some ballycumber art, the web address, and the date. I noticed a bookplate with an old patch design in the offi…

wingThanksMomwing 1 yr ago | 10 replies
Just wondering if wild books are even more endangered during COVID? I ventured to a hotel since I am vaccinated, a long put off necessary trip, and even the Gideon Bible is gone from the rooms. Would you think wild book …

wingThanksMomwing 1 yr ago
Thanks all, my turn to get a request. I came to the forums to see what is going on. Glad to see folks talking about it. Bob-bucket was the name on my odd request.

wingThanksMomwing 3 yrs ago
Kindle sent my pre-ordered title early, so reading Demon Magic and a Martini. It's a guilty pleasure light read but book 4 in the series so great fun.

wingThanksMomwing 3 yrs ago
You may be disappointed with falling short of the goals but the accomplishments made are still notable. Happy new year and good luck with new goals.

wingThanksMomwing 4 yrs ago
Still trying to meet new folks and talk books. Shall I start a poll for September attendee numbers? I think July's 2 will come, maybe some new ones though? The group is up to 14 members overall.

wingThanksMomwing 4 yrs ago
Trying again, and also through Meet-up. Kneaders near the Walmart at 2pm.

wingThanksMomwing 4 yrs ago | 1 replies
I had 2 come to the meet-up. I think they bonded well, not sure if they will come meet next month but I expect they will do other things together. They drove a bit to meet, glad they made the effort. Also new to the area…

wingThanksMomwing 4 yrs ago
Oops, of course you are right and I am familiar with both. Please excuse the brain fart. And the Thug Notes video come in book form too.

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