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SKingList 14 yrs ago I hope yours all do as well. Thank you, AmaniS.

SKingList 14 yrs ago
I hate to see these well-traveled books end their run prematurely.

SKingList 14 yrs ago | 5 replies
and headed to the US. Anyone in Europe or the US want in? Would need int'l shipping in Europe, US only is OK since I think it will end here.

SKingList 14 yrs ago
Plum, I don't think you'll fit at the end because I'm not sure I'll have an int'l shipper to get it back to you. At the moment you're near the beginning but am hoping more will join this weekend. Either way, I'll let you…

SKingList 14 yrs ago | 31 replies yep, it's a book that's as good as the title makes it sound. It's an amusing read, and a fast one. Makes me wish I'd known "Bigger and Better" as a child. International sh…

SKingList 14 yrs ago | 24 replies great read about a man who went to Japan 'for a little while' after sailing across the Atlantic from Morocco to Martinique - and ended up working 14 years at Mitsubishi Great…

SKingList 14 yrs ago | 2 replies
Agreed. I think you hit the nail on the head of why she did it though, the hype has died and she wants attention. She event went so far as to say it gave some fans one more reason not to like her work. Pot stirrer. ET…

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